Chaos Headwear Recognizes Best Reps for 2007

Mary Ann and Brent Best of Best and Associates, from the Rocky Mountain Region (CO, WY, UT, NM) were awarded “Rep of the Year,” for best regional sales in 2007 at the SIA- Snow Sports trade show in Las Vegas the evening of January, 28th.
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Chaos Headwear Recognizes Best Reps for 2007

Steamboat Springs, Colorado (January 28th, 2008) Mary Ann and Brent Best of the Rocky Mountain Region (CO, WY, UT, NM) were awarded “Rep of the Year,” for best regional sales in 2007 at the SIA- Snow Sports trade show in Las Vegas the evening of January, 28th.

The award is based on set sales criteria for 2007: most new accounts, most pre-season orders and re-orders, co-brands, branding and merchandising.

Best and Associates, narrowly lead last years' Pacific Northwest, “Rep of the Year,” Sam Adams group, Western States Sales and Marketing. Which makes for an exciting count. The Bests live in Boulder Colorado and have been in the industry for over 25+ years. They have been with the Ski Tops lines: Chaos, CTR and MoonShadow since they came to the US eleven years ago. They have built their territory into one of the top territories in the country.

In fact, it is because of Best and Associates, that Chaos is the Official Headwear supplier for the Vail Valley Foundation, which includes top ranking events like the Men's World Cup Downhill, Birds of Prey race, the Honda Session elite snowboard invitational and the America Ski Classic. The relationship has led to the official headwear contract for all ski instructors in Vail and Beaver Creek.

“Colorado is the premier state of all things ‘snow,' we will continue to reach out to co-brand programs for all the resorts. We are a family run mill brand from Montreal with service as the number one priority, this makes us easy to work with and fast turns. We are a quickly acting company that can respond immediately to the deader. Most of all it is a great team that helps us do it all, it really is a team effort, we communicate and work well together and that is the difference,” shares Mary Ann Best.

US West Coast Sales Director Dominic Chenelia agrees with Mary Ann, “it truly is this great team synergy and this is why we created the award, we do not want to take for granted the effort and results our team puts forth, we are so fortunate to have this amount of talent in one national force, the entire group works well together.”

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Chaos' competitive edge is quality, responsiveness and a vast array of headgear possibilities. As a vertical manufacturer, Chaos is—operated by Do-Gree Fashions in Montreal, Canada— able to respond quickly to both customer requests as well as fast-paced market trends, both of which translate to unparalleled service. Designs from both CHAOS and sister brand MOON SHADOW vary from winter to four-season, urban to alpine, casual to high-end silk-cashmere, all of which supply the men's, women's and youth markets. Materials include: merino wool, mohair, acrylic blends, cottons, angora, fleece, and technical fabrics from the New CTR-Chaos Thermal Regulation, Fits ALL 4X®, Polartech®, Windbloc®, Thermolite® and Outlast®.


Chaos Sponsored Events for 2007

Steamboat Springs, CO Even more programs and events for CHAOS Headwear is planned for the winter 2006/2007 season. We are deepening partnerships and expanding to more East coast events in freeskiing, snowboarding and even surfing. Newly added this year are the following events: more