Canon Names Tyler Stableford "Explorer of Light"

Canon Names Tyler Stableford "Explorer of Light"
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July 7, 2008
Canon USA has nominated Aspen photographer Tyler Stableford as their newest Explorer of Light.

“We are thrilled to have Tyler on our team,” said Explorer of Light administrator Steven Inglima. “We received many applications, and Tyler was my first choice for an edgy, lifestyle photographer. His work shows athletic dynamism, social consciousness, a sense of danger and risk -- and is technically superb.”

Stableford has won numerous “Picture of the Year” awards for his dramatic images shot in challenging
environments, including those of Icelandic glacier caves and Colorado miners. In addition, Men's Journal named him one of the seven “World's Greatest Adventure Photographers.”

As an Explorer of Light, Stableford will teach seminars unique to his niche of outdoor sports,
lifestyle and heavy industry. “I am honored to be part of this exceptional team,” said Stableford,
“and to have the opportunity to share my passion for photography.”

Canon has booked Stableford to present a seminar at the upcoming PhotoPlus Expo in New York
City. The October 23 talk is titled “World-Class Stock: Generating Ideas, Gaining Access and Creating Exceptional Work.”

About the Explorers of Light program:
Canon's Explorers of Light program has earned worldwide acclaim since its inception in December
1994, sponsoring 82 photographers around the country. Explorers make presentations at colleges
and universities; appear and participate in on-site and online workshops as well as seminars; act as panelists, demonstrators and make appearances at trade shows such as PMA (Photo Marketing Association) and PhotoPlus Expo (an annual professional photography show held in New York City); exhibit in museums and galleries, and make presentations before a variety of professional and amateur groups.

The Explorers of Light program allows Explorers to act as mentors while also helping to bridge the
gap between the professional photo community and amateur photographers. Canon is honored by
each and every Explorer's choice to use EOS as their preferred camera system. As members of
the Explorer program, the photographers are able to broaden their audience by teaching
(something they are generally too busy to do otherwise), communicate their enthusiasm for photography, as well as deliver their messages about life and the work that they hold most dear.

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