Calgary Couple Take Fitness Product into the Dragon’s Den

On Wednesday night, the secret will be revealed about what happened when Adam Wood and Arysta Bogner-Wood presented their product, the Travel Roller, in front of the judges on the popular entrepreneurial television show – Dragon’s Den.


Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012

Calgary Couple Take Fitness Product into the Dragon's Den

Calgary, AB – On Wednesday night, the secret will be revealed about what happened when Adam Wood and Arysta Bogner-Wood presented their product, the Travel Roller, in front of the judges on the popular entrepreneurial television show – Dragon's Den.

In January of 2011, Adam and Arysta were told by a friend that Dragon's Den was hosting open auditions for their 2012 season in major cities all across the country. When they realized Calgary was on their stopover list, they both knew this was their shot.

“It was a great experience from beginning to end,” said Arysta. “When we first found out that open auditions were taking place in Calgary, we figured we had nothing to lose by going to the audition. We knew the Travel Roller product was polished and professional, with many years of hard work. When the day finally arrived, we went to the open audition, showcased our Travel Roller product and business model and the producers knew we had a winner. A few weeks after the audition, we received a phone call from the producers letting us know that we've been selected to appear on the show. I remember nearly dropping the phone I was so excited!”

In May, 2011, Adam and Arysta flew to Toronto to shoot their segment. Prior to walking into the Den, the Travel Roller team were well prepared but a little nervous, because they had no idea of what to expect from the Dragons.

“Standing in front of five Canadian business icons while defending our business was a little intimidating,” confessed Adam. “Once I got over the bright lights and starting talking, I calmed right down and got into business mode. The purpose of us being on Dragon's Den was to receive assistance for working capital and marketing strategies,” said Adam. “With the help of Fitterfirst, we've been producing the Travel Roller for five years now and we felt it was time to take it to the next level. We knew that two of the Dragon's possessed exactly what we were looking for and it was up to us to make them believe in our product and our business model.”

Since the filming of the show, both Adam and Arysta have had to keep tight lips regarding the outcome of their segment until it's scheduled air date on Wednesday night.

“It's like having a secret that everyone wants to know but you can't say a word,” joked Arysta. “After it's all said and done, it will feel good to have everything out in the open”.

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Travel Roller Backgrounder

Travel Roller Timeline

October, 2007 – The first Travel Roller was invented in a single car garage in Calgary, Alberta. With the help of Adam's father, Adam and Arysta were manufacturing 1000's of Travel Rollers a month (by hand) to fill the high demand of Travel Roller requests.

June, 2008 – The Travel Roller team grew to large for their make-shift workshop and decided to rent a 1000 sq foot factory, and a 1200 sq foot gym in front -so they could increase product output and personal train clients in between.

August, 2008 – Adam and Arysta get married. 08/08/08. The days leading up to the wedding they hand built 200 Travel Rollers in the Factory.

2009 – Travel Roller Team traveled to the top Fitness & Health Shows in North America and Europe with Fitterfirst.

Travel Roller- ‘This is How we Roll' education seminars began.

March, 2010 – Due to the amount of purchase requests and manufacturing techniques, the Travel Roller team couldn't produce enough product to meet the demands that were coming in the door. After a trip to Taiwan and a tour through a few manufacturing plants, Adam and Arysta decided to move their production to Asia so they could increase output and become more productive. This move helped evolve the design of the Travel Roller making it a legit product.

Travel Roller Key Information

●Business has been profitable since mid 2009
●Travel Roller is ‘Human Friendly' – NO heavy metals, PVC, glue, phthalate, latex, rubber, or dioxins
●The Travel Roller education is backed by science and advanced therapy techniques
●The Travel Roller is the “All in one best massage tool. Voted by the globe in Mail Dec 2011 as the ‘must have coolest Travel items to never leave home without!'
●Travel Roller has been a key supplier for Canadian Bobsleigh/Luge/Skeleton for the Olympics. The Canadian Women's Gold Metal hockey team, selected NHL teams/players, the Canadian Forces.
●The Travel Roller can be found in over 50 retail stores including Sport Chek, Fitness Depot, and Fitter International.