c_change Ensures Superior Personal Climate Comfort

Schoeller c-change is a dynamic, biomimicing, people and planet friendly membrane that creates optimal personal climate comfort as it reacts to changing temps and humidity.

For over a decade, people have enjoyed the comfort and breathability of soft-shells; however, there are times when more protection is needed. Therefore, a high-quality membrane garment is the best choice. c_change™ membrane technology offers the most modern and dynamic functions combined with Schoeller fabric expertise. Hard-shells have never been so functional and attractive.

Among all of the different possibilities to make a garment waterproof, c_change® stands alone due to its unique ability to create the most comfortable personal body climate.

Why? It reacts to changing temperatures and humidity to provide perfect interior climate comfort while maintaining its high water and windproof functions. Additionally, it is PFOA and PFOS free* and is the first membrane system which complies with bluesign®, the world’s most stringent health and environmental textile standard.

Schoeller’s groundbreaking monolithic, dynamic c_change™ membrane, like many Schoeller innovations, uses biomimcry to create the perfect interior climate comfort for the wearer. The inspiration comes from the pinecone, which in dry, warm weather opens and in cold conditions closes to protect the seeds. Likewise, c_change™ reacts to ever changing conditions to keep the interior climate of a garment perfectly comfortable. When temperatures change from 10° to 20° C, the Moisture Vapor Transport rate increases by 50%, and likewise, when temperatures drop, the polymer structure of the membrane contracts and the heat retention capacity then increases offering the ultimate comfort in all climate conditions.

The Double Climate Chamber Test developed by EMPA in St Gallen in 2006, in which real life situations can be replicated corroborates c_change™’s extraordinary performance and adaptive behavior. In Climate Chamber One (the outer, larger chamber), real life situations can be replicated by simulating different temperature levels, humidity values and wind speeds and in Climate Chamber Two, the interior or body climate can also be simulated in terms of temperature and humidity. The Double Climate Chamber therefore measures the change in MVT for various real-life- weather conditions. In contrast to this dynamic test, traditional testing methods such as Moisture Vapor Transition Rate (MVTR) or the Resistance to Evaporation Heat Transfer method (RET) are conducted at only a single temperature.

c_change™ is also extremely lightweight and has elastic properties that have 100% recovery. It can be used in conjunction with a variety of fabrics, from extremely lightweight nylons to heavy wools for pants, jackets and coats. Schoeller has a special lamination processes that works with breathable binding materials and includes a dot matrix system in which the dots have the same function as the membrane. Schoeller optimizes every fabric development for peerless performance and breathability in all components (e.g. lining, lamination auxiliaries, membrane, surface material and water-repellent finish) to create an intelligent fabric.

c_change™ has a 20,000mm water column, making it the most reliable membrane for weather protection. Combined with its ability to alter breathability at different temperatures and in different moisture situation c_change™ is the proven leader in its class.

*below detectable limits