Bremshey and Tunturi treadmills receive top ratings!

Which? Magazine- Independent Expert Advice You Can Trust BREMSHEY AND TUNTURI TREADMILLS RECEIVE TOP RATINGS!
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Which? Magazine- Independent Expert Advice You Can Trust

In the May issue of Which? Magazine they dedicated a very large section to treadmill purchases. The bottom line was whether the end user is a keen runner or an exercise-shy beginner, there should be a treadmill out there for them. Forget the costly and embarrassing gym experience, forget the harmfulness of road conditions on joints, and forget depending on the weather, get a treadmill for the home.

Who is Which? Magazine?
Which? is a UK publication with no advertising, no bias, and no hidden agenda just expert advice from an independent source. They campaign to get a fairer deal for all consumers and publish expert, unbiased information to help consumers make the right choice, whatever they're buying.

Bremshey Control Treadmill
Best for a Beginner
Received the number one ranking and a Best Buy acknowledgement
Here's why:
-good choice for runners of any age, size, or fitness level
-plenty to keep user interested: good range of programs
-easy buttons and clear console
-accurate readings in speed, distance and time
-good size belt that is comfortable and smooth to run on
-exceptionally quiet and durable
-good shock absorption and strong steel frame
-easy to fold
-liked the challenging programs such as the hill climb and weight loss programs

Tunturi T20 Treadmill
Best on a Budget
Received the number three ranking and a Best Buy acknowledgement
Here's why:
-reasonable programs and useful heart-rate-controlled programs
-programs can be altered and personal targets can be set
-clear console with responsive buttons
-decent sized running area with a tough belt surface
-feels solid and secure
-deck has some impact absorption so is better for joints
-note: can be easily assembled by 2 people in 15 minutes

Here's How

What Questions to Ask

The article provided a great list of questions to ask when considering buying a treadmill. Things like; Is it really a treadmill I want? How much space do I have? Am I really that keen or a bit reluctant? How fit am I and how fit do I want to be? I want to run more seriously. What do I need to do? What does the guarantee cover?

What Specifications to Look For

The article pinpointed key things for consumers to look for when shopping for treadmills: Responsive Programs, Running Belt, Foot Platforms, Display, Useful Feedback and a Smooth Ride

Taking all these things into consideration, this is how they tested:

Equipment Engineers and Sports Scientists Checked Out 14 Treadmills for Construction, Accuracy and Features

-each model endured 12,000 impacts from a tire to simulate foot falls
Belt Performance
-students ran while experts measured how much the belt slowed down
-looked at dimensions, speed, settings, console features and potential boredom factors
-looked for clear instructions, diagrams, tools provided and assembly
-searched for necessary safety markings and warning labels
-tested the emergency stop and looked at access to live electrical parts
-used a 400kg load to see how much weight the track could withstand

Which? Magazine- Independent Expert Advice You Can Trust
Ratings Magazine from the UK, May 2007 issue


Tunturi T90 by Accell Fitness

The Tunturi T90 is the top model in the Tunturi® treadmills. With a top speed of as much as 24 km per hour / 15 mph this treadmill is the cream of the crop. * Easily accessible low profile T-Flex™ running deck * X-Large running belt 52 x 158 cm (20 inches x 62 inches) * more

Tunturi T60 by Accell Fitness

The Tunturi T60 '08 is a beautiful design, several programs and “smart” functions including Position Speed Control (PSC). New orthopedic belt in easy to maintain black color. * Position speed control (PSC): Tunturi's patented hands-free speed control system: machine slows more