Brandwise Develops for iPad; Leads Industry Toward Hardware Independen

Brandwise Develops for iPad; Leads Industry Toward Hardware Independence

Tech Leader Brandwise Advises Caution/Education before Tablet/App Purchases

Lakewood, CO – Two-time ICON Honoree for Technology Innovation, Brandwise, has announced the development of an iPad compatible product that will enable the use of its award-winning technology on the popular device. However, Brandwise President Todd Litzman strongly cautions businesses to be wary of investing in tablet hardware or tablet-specific Apps through the end of the year without first thinking through their goals, educating themselves on what's in store for the coming months, and ensuring the technology conforms to their needs and not the other way around.

“First, there is an alarming lack of depth and integration in the majority of these “pop-up” sales and presentation Apps out there on the market,” says Litzman who recently received the ICON Honor for Career Achievement. “Second, with the introduction of the Windows 8 touch-centric user interface in Q1 of 2012, the entire tablet and technology landscape will change again, much like it did with the release of the iPad. For the greatest ROI, you'll want applications, an operating system and hardware that easily integrate with your other business systems.”

Brandwise is developing this product as a first step towards hardware independence and to answer the demand from those clients that have already purchased the device. “We have clients using certain presentation apps to create a simple order but then are stuck when trying to integrate that information to the rest of their system. Instead of trying to integrate to all of these systems it made more sense for us to develop a product.”

Litzman recently concluded a national speaking tour entitled “Technology Chaos” in which he shared his insights into the current technology landscape helping businesses and retailers see through the confusing atmosphere created by massive marketing campaigns of the major computer companies.

The ultimate solution to all this? “Hardware Independence,” says Litzman. “This means no-matter what type of tablet or PC you have, your applications and office systems will work on them. This will take some time and this product is a first step towards Brandwise Hardware Independence. As with other hardware innovations we have developed in the past like our PocketElite which runs on Palm Pilots and Pocket PC's, our responsibility to our clients lies with ensuring they enjoy the power of their Brandwise products regardless of what hardware they have.”

About Brandwise
Brandwise is an Application Service Provider (ASP) delivering hosted software solutions to manufacturers and their sales organizations within multiple industries. Combining Order Capture and Integration technology, Business Intelligence, B2B e-Commerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to enhance the coordination and communication of information between manufacturers and their sales channels, the Brandwise product suite integrates a series of powerful and leading-edge tools that help Suppliers and Sales Reps efficiently sell more products to their retailer customers in a collaborative environment. In over 12 years of operation, Brandwise consistently brings a fresh perspective, and revolutionary advancements, to a number of vertical markets from Gift and Home to Publishing, Apparel, Footwear and Sporting Goods.