Book Release -Trail Tested: A Thru-hiker’s Insights

This book is packed with priceless information that is helpful to experienced ultralight gram-counters and novices alike. It’s a comprehensive guide to hiking and backpacking filled with countless tips, skills and experience-based know-how to.

Trail Tested, an experience-based guide to hiking is based on over 35,000 miles of hiking experience gained by Justin “Trauma” Lichter.

Soda Springs, CA, April 17, 2012: Ever want to learn how to hike better, faster and safer? Want to hike 100 miles or more in a week—or perhaps over 10,000 miles in a year-- or just learn how to choose the best tent, or how to keep your boots from stinking? You're in luck. Justin Lichter knows about all this and more, like pioneering new, international trails and running from lions and elephants, in Africa. He's sharing his secrets and adventures in his first book, Trail Tested: A Thru-hiker's Insights into Hiking and Backpacking, now available.

“It has always been about helping people get outdoors, have fun, and realize their dreams and goals. The wilderness is a sanctuary for me and I look forward to helping people and making the outdoors easy, accessible and comfortable for more people,” said Lichter, known to friends as Trauma. “This book is my way of giving back and showing people the skills and techniques that I have learned through years of hiking.”

Filled with visually stunning pictures from Trauma's treks, the book will entice readers to get out and enjoy the backcountry. Descriptive images and pictures illustrate the more technical how-to's of hiking. The range of knowledge packed into Trail Tested is expansive, and shows readers how to select the best gear for different types of trips, including backpacks, sleeping bags and tents or ultralight shelters. It also discusses low-impact camping and hiking, campsite selection,
hiking with dogs, navigating the backcountry, winter camping, weather forecasting and thru-hiking tips and tricks. It delves into advanced skills, like creating hiking routes, cross-country hiking, fording dangerous rivers and other obstacles, and making a hike into a multi-sport adventure by adding in climbing, white-water rafting or other adventures.

The book is garnering praise from fellow adventurers like polar explorer Eric Larsen, who remarked that it is, “One of the most comprehensive looks into the world of hiking ever created by one of the sports most accomplished athletes! Trail Tested is an excellent guide for any hiking enthusiast from beginner to expert.”

“This book is probably the most important outdoor field guide that has come off the presses since the first release of The Complete Walker, by Colin Fletcher in 1968,” said Winton Porter, award-winning author of Just Passin' Thru, and owner of Mountain Crossings, an outfitter on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia.
Trail Tested: A Thru-hiker's Insights into Hiking and Backpacking (ISBN-13: 978-0-9848550-0-1) is just $19.99 (U.S. and CAN). It's available in bookstores, online bookstores, specialty outdoor stores, and through the publisher. To order from the publisher call 805-207-1830 or e-mail Retailers may also purchase copies through Granite Gear, 800-222-8032 ext. 2,