BodyPower CD Provides the Power to Customize Weight Loss Diet Plans

Sequoia Fitness Products USA recently introduced BodyPower Nutrition and Software – Lean Body Builder Edition. BodyPower enables users to customize a balanced calorie-specific diet tailored to the individual.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA recently introduced BodyPower Nutrition and Software – Lean Body Builder Edition. BodyPower enables users to customize a balanced calorie-specific diet tailored to the individual - by entering a profile of height, weight, exercise patterns, lifestyle, health issues, and body fat or weight goals. This software complements the company's portfolio of body fat and weight loss assessment products.

Some of the features of BodyPower include the ability to:
•Enter your personal profile, goals and lifestyle, then print customized diets and grocery lists designed by our team of professional athletes and registered dietitians.
•Set your goal weight and estimate the date you will reach your goal.
•Track your body symmetry measurements including arms, shoulders, waist, hips, thighs and more.
•Track your food intake and nutrients by keep a food log, and add your favorite foods or supplements that are not found in the food database of over 13,000 food selections.
•Use the Body Composition Screen to save historical body weight and body fat data and graph progress over 3 months, six months or one year.

Matt Chalek, spokesperson for Sequoia Fitness, stated that our “customers have been begging for a simple software program that can customize a diet based on lifestyle and personal goals. I have lost 5 pounds in just 2 weeks by following the recommended diet for me. And best of all, I can tailor the recommended diet to foods I like, and the software readjusts the portions to control my calorie intake.”

BodyPower comes as a CD for Windows packed in a DVD case. The user manual is on the CD and includes several training tutorials. The software retails for $49.99.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA is a Colorado-based company focusing on exercise, health, and pain relief products. Its brands include Warrior, Defender, and MetaCal Body Fat Calipers, Tonus and Tonus PE BMI analyzers, HydraFit workout towels, and Heat Wave Pain Relieving Heat Packs.

For more information, please see the BodyPower page at, contact Matt Chalek at 720-339-5962, or email



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