BOB Official Stroller for Lean Mommy Workouts

Just like any other piece of fitness equipment, a stroller purchase requires some research. BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller - the official stroller for Lean Mommy.

New moms know that their best bet for a regular fitness routine following pregnancy is a stroller workout – a fun, effective and family-friendly way to shed the post-baby bulge.

But just like any other piece of fitness equipment, a stroller purchase requires some research, and Lisa Druxman, founder of the nationwide stroller exercise program Stroller Strides®, lends her insight regarding the key features to look for in a well-built baby carrier in her new fitness book, LEAN MOMMY (Center Street®).

“Many moms have a fleet of strollers for different activities,” says Druxman in LEAN MOMMY. “It's easier to use just one, but it must suit all of your needs. Since this is your most-used baby item, it's important to get one with the most helpful features.”

To ensure she had the ultimate stroller to meet her fitness needs – and support her through two children and a variety of activities – Druxman worked with BOB to create the official stroller of Stroller Strides, the BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller (pictured in both). The model is BOB's popular Revolution jogging stroller equipped with a special fitness kit that includes tubing for resistance exercises, handlebar storage and a stroller workout manual.

“I use my Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller (SSFS) for everything, from exercising to trips to the mall,” Druxman explains in LEAN MOMMY. “It's easiest to work out with a jogging stroller, which steers more effortlessly and allows you to maintain better posture.”

When looking to purchase a stroller workout-worthy model, Druxman suggests making sure it meets the following criteria:

REVOLVING FRONT WHEEL: A static wheel is great if you're moving in a straight line. But if not, you have to lift the back wheels to turn. Swivel wheels strain wrists less because you can turn the stroller with one hand. A good model also has wheels that lock.

The BOB Revolution, SSFS and Revolution 12” AW all feature a swiveling front wheel, for maneuverability during city strolling, that can also be locked into place for safe off-roading and jogging.

ADJUSTING CANOPY: Most strollers have canopies, but many are not fully adjustable. Depending on the position of the sun, you'll want to be able to pull the canopy partially or all the way down.

All BOB strollers feature fully adjustable canopies – including independently adjustable canopies on two-seater Duallie models.

PADDED HARNESS: For baby to have a comfortable, enjoyable experience, look for padded straps. You can add a snuggly insert to make it even cushier for him.

All BOB strollers feature padded, five-point safety harnesses, and any model can be equipped with a Warm Fuzzy – a thick fleece panel with ultra-padded quilting.

LOTS OF STORAGE: Make sure there are ample compartments for diapers and spare clothes, as well as a console to hold water, keys and exercise tubes.

All BOB strollers offer two interior seat pockets, one large pocket on the seat back, and a large Low Boy cargo basket underneath. The SSFS includes a handy handlebar console, and the accessory can also be purchased separately for any BOB stroller.

SHOCKS: There has recently been concern that a baby may get Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) from bouncing in the stroller. Choose a model with shock absorbers to keep the ride smooth.

All BOB strollers feature state-of-the art suspension systems with adjustable shock absorbers.

BRAKE: Look for strong brakes. Many moms prop their strollers against something to keep them from rolling. You wouldn't drive a car with bad brakes. A foot brake is more dependable than a handlebar brake.

All BOB strollers offer foot-activated parking brakes.

WHEELS: The kind of wheels you need depends on the kind of terrain you'll be covering. Most likely this will vary from rolling on a smooth sidewalk to dirt. A tire with tread better handles all terrains. A no-tread tire is better for flat, smooth roads.

BOB strollers feature tires that best suit each model's intended use, including slick road tires for the running-specific Ironman and knobby tires for the go-anywhere Sport Utility Stroller.

For more information on BOB strollers or to receive a review copy of LEAN MOMMY by Lisa Druxman, editorial media may contact On the Horizon Communications at (805) 773-1000 or email

Look for BOB Strollers and accessories in baby stores and sporting goods stores nationwide. BOB formed in 1994 as one of the first manufacturers of single-wheeled bicycle cargo trailers. As the founders of the company became fathers, they designed and developed the first Sport Utility Stroller in 1998. For more information, visit the website at

Portions of this press release have been excerpted from LEAN MOMMY by Lisa Druxman, with author's permission.
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