Bob Launches First National Advertising Campaign

This spring, BOB aims to strengthen the bond between product and parent with the launch of the company’s first national advertising and interactive viral marketing campaign.

BOISE, ID (March 13, 2008) – BOB, a revolutionary manufacturer of strollers and accessories that facilitate freedom for active families, has maintained a cohesive connection with mothers by providing a wide range of products that exceed industry standards in terms of durability, safety and design. This spring, BOB aims to strengthen the bond between product and parent with the launch of the company's first national advertising and interactive viral marketing campaign.
The campaign, entitled “I AM MOM,” provides an authentic portrayal of the “everyday mom” as a pinnacle of power and strength, despite her admitted imperfections. Print ads prominently feature pictures of “real” moms and simple copy detailing common mommy confessions such as a sometimes-unkempt personal appearance, chocolate indulgences, and a less-than-spotless home, followed by the theme line, “But I am strong. I am invincible. I AM MOM.”
“The idea behind the I AM MOM message is to create a powerful and relatable bond between BOB products and the women who use them,” explains Roger Malinowski, president and co-founder of the company. “Strength, independence and authenticity are core company values at BOB, and these attributes are generally reflected in the moms who purchase our products. Through the various interactive components of this new campaign, we hope to engage the everyday mom on a more personal level.”
The I AM MOM campaign will incorporate print and online placements in leading parenting magazines including Parenting, Parents and Fit Pregnancy beginning in April, as well as a new flash homepage for the BOB web site,
In addition, BOB has launched several viral marketing campaign components, including an attention-grabbing YouTube video, a BOB Blog featuring regular posts and sharing opportunities, and company-specific profiles on social networking sites including MySpace and Facebook.
“We're excited to engage our customer base in new and innovative ways,” explains Damon Noller, vice president of sales and marketing for BOB. “BOB is and always has been a company that designs products to meet the specific needs of moms, so we value every opportunity for open interaction with them on a more frequent basis.”
Monthly newsletters unique to BOB dealers and consumers are also scheduled in the campaign rollout. Consumer versions will serve as a regular, well-rounded resource for moms, and include current BOB product information, fitness tips, notable mom profiles, featured blog posts and other informational features. Those targeted to dealers will provide information such as pertinent company announcements, I AM MOM campaign results, and account manager profiles, among other items.
BOB plans to grow the I AM MOM campaign to eventually encompass I AM DAD and WE ARE FAMILY in the future.
Boise, ID-based advertising agency Noot Group designed the campaign. Print ads are available for viewing at ood_news.php.
Look for BOB Strollers and accessories in baby stores and sporting goods stores nationwide. BOB formed in 1994 as one of the first manufacturers of single-wheeled bicycle cargo trailers. As the founders of the company became fathers, they designed and developed the first Sport Utility Stroller in 1998. For more information, visit the website at