Blue Freedom Portable - Power plant for the backpack

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The world’s smallest and lightest hydro power plant to hit US and Canadian stores this fall.

Crested Butte, CO - July 25, 2017


Charge mobile devices day and night, in any weather with the new Blue Freedom Portable. The world’s smallest and lightest hydro power plant weighs just 24 oz. and at just 8.25 inch diameter fits in any backpack. The innovative turbine and generator convert the power of water in any stream into off-the-grid electricity. Running water's high energy density results in fast and reliable recharging of any connected USB devices and the integrated 5000mAh power pack. Blue Freedom lets outdoor enthusiasts produce energy on the go in an economical and ecologically responsible manner.

This fall the Blue Freedom Portable will be available online at and in stores across the US and Canada. The new Blue Freedom Portable (version 2.0) features significantly improved generating efficiency and new features, including charging speed and battery level indicators, and variable lighting settings, all in an award winning German engineered compact form.

The product is ready to use out of the box and easy to operate. As soon as the ultramarine blue blades turn in water, connected devices are charged. Blue Freedom Portable can be used by anyone with access to flowing water to produce and store electrical energy - day or night, in any weather and without continuous adjustment as required with solar panels.

Blue Freedom Portable provides freedom for hiking, adventure travel, camping, nature photography, hunting, boating, emergency communication or disaster relief.

About the company

Blue Freedom GmbH develops small hydro power stations, which can be used immediately and universally to produce electrical energy in harmony with the environment. We are a German alternative energy development company focused on creating mobile hydro power plants for distributed power generation, ranging in size from the Blue Freedom Portable micro turbine for the backpack to revolutionary stationary hydro plants generating up to 20 kWh. We have have won numerous awards for our innovative sustainable products, which are distributed in the US and Canada by WSI-Sales LLC, based in Crested Butte, Colorado.



Exclusive Distributor for US and Canada

Walther Schoeller

(970) 279-3550



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