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 iRunFar Bliz product test

iRunFar Bliz product test

iRunFar: Bliz Sunglasses Review"

July 25, 2013 by Tom Caughlan

......“Overall Impressions by iRunFar”

As the performance eyewear market gets more competitive, and cheaper options become available, I expect that more runners will be asking themselves what they are getting for $150-$200. Is it a warranty? Is it optics? Is it domestic construction? But, what most impressed me about this Swedish company is that all of Bliz Eyewear is constructed in 100% recycled material and packaged using the same standards. Besides, the performance of these sunglasses is hands down on par with anything I've worn and costs a fraction of the price. I've enjoyed racing ultras twice in Bliz Eyewear and the best review I can give any product is when I choose to wear it on race day. ....

Tom Caughlan 


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