Blazing Trails in (Almost) Bare Feet

Foremost Minimalist Footwear Retailer Two Rivers Treads Expands Brand Offerings with kigo footwear

In the heart of the small, active community of Shepherdstown West Virginia, Two Rivers Treads has changed the face of running shoe retail. Founded and led by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Two Rivers Treads is a store, learning center and event community dedicated entirely to barefoot and natural motion.
Many in the running community know Dr. Cucuzzella, who is an Associate Professor at the West Virginia University School of Medicine, the Race Director of Freedom's Run and a Family Physician at Harpers Ferry Family Medicine. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserves, through which he acts as coach and captain of the marathon team and designs programs to reduce running injuries in military personnel. He is also the chief medical consultant for the Air Force Marathon, and is a long time ChiRunning medical advisor and advocate. Personally, Dr. Cucuzzella has been a competitive runner for nearly 30 years, completing over 60 marathons and ultras. He and his team have channeled experience and passion into Two Rivers Treads, which continues to expand its selection of shoes that allow the human foot to move naturally.
Two Rivers Treads has added kigo footwear to its carefully assembled selection of lightweight, flexible natural motion footwear. The store proclaims itself to be the first running and walking specialty store to “completely abandon all traditional heel strike/elevated heel/motion control shoes,” instead carrying lines like kigo, Newton, Terra Plana, Sockwa, and Inov-8that encourage natural motion.
“We are excited to add Kigo to our line. We have wear tested the shoes and they are a perfect fit for learning natural and barefoot technique as well as a nice daily recreation use shoe for healthy foot function” said Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, owner of Two Rivers Treads.
kigo footwear is a growing line of eco-friendly minimalist shoes that are stylish enough for everyday wear and durable enough for wet or dry athletics and outdoor activities. With a flexible one-point-five millimeter midsole and less than two millimeter differential to the heel, supportive and breathable upper and per shoe average weight of between five and six ounces, kigos offer a protected, stable, lightweight feel. The composition blends certified non-toxic elements, such as water based adhesives and eco-friendly dyes, with post-consumer textiles including CYCLEPET, an upper fabric made from recycled plastic jugs.
“We are thrilled and honored to be a part of the Two Rivers Treads collection,” said Rachelle Kuramoto, co-founder of kigo footwear. “Two Rivers is more than a store. It is a center for wellness, a learning environment for individuals who want to live and run healthy, and a store run very intentionally by people who care and who are very knowledgeable about running, physiology and shoe construction.”
Two Rivers Treads offers the kigo footwear edge and curv styles. The edge is a unisex slip on that provides full foot coverage to keep water and debris out, and strong minimalist construction. The curv is a chic lightweight Mary Jane style shoe designed specifically for women. Both styles of shoes feature elements like a roomy upper and a deep cut, stretchy foot hole to make it a good option for everyday wear or athletics. The designs offered begin with grey, and are accented with colorful stitching. The shoes are designed to stretch on the foot and to soften slightly as they are broken in.

About Two Rivers Treads
Two Rivers Treads ( offers running clinics, fit analysis and expert advice, along with the best quality brands in minimalist footwear and accessories. In addition to fitting children and adults with running and walking shoes that complement their natural barefoot movement, Two Rivers offers classes, races and expertise.

About kigo footwear
kigo footwear is stylish, eco-friendly minimalist footwear for athletics and everyday wear. The kigo team strives to provide comfortable shoes that are stylish enough for everyday wear, sturdy enough for athletics and constructed to be as good for the Earth as for the body. Each kigo shoe is thoughtfully and responsibly constructed of lightweight eco-friendly materials, including removable EVA insoles, breathable, stain/water resistant uppers and flexible, high-density rubber outsoles. For more information, please visit us at

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