BioLite is Ready to Get Soot Done

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Contact: Erica Rosen

BioLite is Ready to Get Soot Done
BioLite Launches 10 Day Sprint to Highlight Soot as Public Health and Climate Change Solution

Brooklyn, NY – December 1, 2015 – BioLite, a Brooklyn-based social enterprise, has a special message for consumers and policymakers alike this Giving Tuesday: it’s time to Get Soot Done.

“The whole world is watching world leaders come together in Paris to talk about promises and plans that would take effect in 2050 – we’re ready to do something now,” said BioLite CEO Jonathan Cedar, “Cleaning up cooking fires can provide safer homes for millions and is one of the fastest ways to address soot; the second leading contributor to climate change behind only CO2.”

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According to the World Health Organization, 3 billion people still cook over smoky, sooty fires and 4 million die prematurely as a result. Those same fires contribute more soot into the atmosphere than all the cars and trucks in the world combined.

The BioLite HomeStove reduces soot from these fires by up to 90% while simultaneously providing usable electricity by converting waste heat from the fire into power. BioLite has spent the last five years designing and refining this stove with extensive field-testing and has sold over 10,000 to date across India and sub-Saharan Africa. Ready to scale its efforts in 2016, BioLite has announced a special ten-day campaign where 100% of every dollar earned at the BioLite shop will be directly re-invested in BioLite’s emerging markets goal of reaching 50,000 Households in 2016.

“We believe in a market-based solution to create scalable change and that means expanding networks, hiring local teams, and creating micro-financing programs – and this all requires capital. Our outdoor community has been a powerful source of support for our mission-based work and this December, we’re doubling down on the chance to make an impact.”

#GetSootDone begins on Giving Tuesday, December 1, and ends on December 11 and the close of the Paris Climate Talks. For more information, visit



About BioLite
BioLite is a dynamic social enterprise that develops, manufactures, and markets consumer energy products for off grid communities around the world. The company creates breakthrough cooking, charging, and lighting solutions for both outdoor enthusiasts as well as rural families living in energy poverty. It is the recipient of numerous awards including the St. Andrews Prize for the Environment, Popular Science Best of What’s New, Nokia Health Tech Awards, and Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, the company was founded in 2009 by Jonathan Cedar and Alec Drummond. It is a proud member of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Discover more at