BioLite Expands NanoGrid Lighting Line with Kickstarter Phenom and a New Take on String Lights


Contact: Julie Atherton

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BioLite Expands NanoGrid Lighting Line with Kickstarter Phenom and a New Take on String Lights
– The new system of rechargeable lighting offers big light in small footprints, encouraging users to find their right light for the job –

Brooklyn, NY, August 1, 2016 –BioLite, an innovator in off-grid energy technologies, is furthering its position as an end-to-end energy company with its latest lighting additions for Spring 2017. BioLite’s modular lighting line, the NanoGrid, will now feature three string-lighting options and three core lantern options, including the new BaseLantern – the world’s first flatpack Bluetooth lantern that took Kickstarter by storm in June 2016. The complete system will be on display at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market at booth BR431.


“The NanoGrid system completely reimagines off-grid lighting in ways that are powerful, efficient and compact,” said BioLite CEO Jonathan Cedar. “It gives outdoor adventurers an array of options to fulfill their off-grid lighting and charging needs, from the ultra-compact PowerLight Mini to the full campsite lighting and power system of the BaseLantern with a network of overhead SiteLights. The NanoGrid system lets people find the right light for the job, and discover the power of the personal grid.”

The BioLite NanoGrid brings efficient light and shareable power to any off-grid environment. Central to the system are three lanterns that vary in lumen and power according to the users’ needs – the BaseLantern ($99.95), PowerLight ($59.95) and PowerLight Mini ($44.95). Each light features BioLite’s breakthrough edge-lit LED technology, which eliminates wasted space found in traditional lanterns, saving precious volume in the user’s backpack without compromising the quality and intensity of its light. Each lantern also doubles as a USB power banks, to share energy to phones, cameras and other electronic gear.


The BaseLantern recently completed a crowdfunding run, becoming the third most successful lighting project in Kickstarter history. “The BaseLantern brings the Smart-Grid Off-Grid with a Bluetooth linked app to deliver unprecedented control and analytics to help you manage your energy,” said Cedar. “With smart features like proximity on/off, and enough power to run up to 16 overhead SiteLights, the BaseLantern is redefining what it means to make home in the outdoors.”

The NanoGrid is also getting up into the trees with the inclusion of two new stringlight offerings, the SiteLight Mini ($19.95) and SiteLight XL ($29.95; pictured). The Mini offers a stackable form to create track-lighting that can fit in your pocket while the XL’s pack-and-pop design combines the ambience of a hanging globe lantern with the durability and functionality needed on the trail. With more than 10 feet of string, each set of SiteLights can be daisy-chained, providing easy overhead lighting never before seen in the outdoors. And thanks to a new adapter that will be included in each set, all SiteLights will be compatible with any USB power source, enabling curious users to try out these highly affordable stringlights with their existing gear.


Visit Booth BR431 to view the complete 2017 line, including new additions to charging as well as exciting updates to cooking gear.

About BioLite
BioLite is a social enterprise that develops, manufactures, and markets advanced energy products for off-grid communities around the world. The company creates breakthrough cooking, charging, and lighting solutions for both outdoor enthusiasts as well as rural families living in energy poverty. It has been the recipient of numerous recognitions including Popular Science’s Best of What’s New, Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards, BusinessWeek’s Most Promising Social Enterprise, and a nomination for REI’s Vendor of the Year. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, the company was founded in 2009 by Jonathan Cedar and Alec Drummond. It is a proud member of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Discover more about BioLite at