The Leader in the prone river paddling category is on the hunt for the next best bellyaker

Asheville, NC (March, 21 2019) - Fresh from Western North Carolina’s river banks, Bellyak - the innovative prone paddlesport creator - has launched their very first brand ambassador competition with the hope to expand their core team. Looking for every kind of athlete across the US, the brand, founded in 2012 by whitewater kayaker Adam Masters, is encouraging anyone with a passion for watersports to apply.

“We’ve really carved a great pocket out for ourselves here in Western North Carolina, but we want to think bigger,” Masters said of the campaign. “Our sport is growing by the season, and this feels like the perfect time to add to our family.”

Having designed and produced three models of the lay-on-top kayaks - or bellyaks - without the restrictions of straps, skirts or paddles, the Asheville, NC based company has become the first to open up rivers for prone paddlers.


“I had the idea for Bellyak when I was paddling a flooded creek in front of my house, paddling prone on top of one of my own kayaks,” noted Masters. “At the time I was just chasing fun, not knowing I was on the brink of creating a new sport.”

Touting the season-long position for any and all whitewater enthusiasts, they are encouraging individuals, outfitters, whitewater instructors, personal trainers, triathletes, soccer moms and even dad bods to use their online application. New team members will get free access to a bellyak for the summer, webbed gloves, an online profile, social media love, and individual coupon codes to spread the word. Team members will get to pick between one of three models of bellyaks,

Bellyak’s first boat - the Play 35 - is modeled after classic freestyle kayaks and offers all the same maneuverability. Agile and responsive, the Play 35 features a low volume stern and high performance hull, making it ideal to take down the river or play in the surf. Weighing only 25lb, it’s also perfect for paddling workouts on the lake, fun with kids, and transporting to your favorite spot.

The Play 45 is the most versatile of the three models, offering super stability to a wide weight range of every ability paddler. Acting as a high performance interface between rider and water, the extra size and volume of the Play 45 makes it a great boat for running steeper and/or bigger water.

For flatwater fans, the Frequency is sized for the whole family and built for years of fun. Featuring a drop down/flip up skeg, the Frequency is easy to handle and ideal for exploring shorelines or playing in easy surf. The boat also boasts integrated toe braces for better body contact and a watertight hatch for necessities.


“We have a bellyak to fit everyone,” said Masters. “Our ‘lie on top’” design allows people of all abilities to experience the thrill of paddlesports, without fear of entrapment or a long learning curve.”

For more information and how to apply, please visit:



Designed and created by Adam Masters - second generation kayaker builder - the brand opened its doors in 2012. Growing from just one model to three plus accessories, bellyak aims to open the world of paddlesports to a much larger segment of the population, one prone run at a time. Today, bellyaks are used by everyone from whitewater paddlers, adaptive athletes of all ages, open water swimmers, swiftwater rescuers, summer camps, and beyond. Because real paddlers do it laying down. Join the prone paddling conversation @bellyak.



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