finally steps up with ODAT Affiliate Program's new ODAT affiliate program gives fans the opportunity to make some cash off any of's four ODAT sites:,, and/
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Nobody wants to be known as “that guy” – that wheel-riding roadie who never takes a pull, that plow-sucking skier always three steps behind the trail breaker. Why? Because the freeloading life is lame. “That guy” is lame.

Sad to say, but until now, in terms of affiliate marketing its One-Deal-at-a-Time (ODAT) sites, has been “that guy” – capitalizing on the DIY widgets and ODAT alert tools that passionate customers have been building and implementing since day one, without ever developing a good way to balance the karma. Until now, that is, because Backcountry just launched its new ODAT affiliate program.'s ODAT affiliate program gives affiliates the opportunity to finally make some cash off any of's four ODAT sites: (outdoor), (ski), (skate, surf, snowboard), and/or (bike). Through this program, ODAT affiliates earn a $5 bounty for each new customer they deliver to an ODAT site.

Backcountry's ODAT sites sell the top of the top-brand skis, boards, packs, jackets, bike gear, etc. at insanely discounted prices – 50-80% off of MSRP. And the deals are bottomless. The second one item sells out, another goes up. Jonesers have to act fast to get the goods before the goods are gone.

“Affiliates recognized the value of ODAT early on,” said Porter Haney, Backcountry's ODAT Affiliate manager. “They've been building alert tools across platforms – tools that we didn't have – because they wanted the functionality and they new that others did too. They've added these widgets to their sites, in hopes that we'd eventually step up and pay them for their efforts and for all the customers they send our way. This program is a nod to them and to others that want to make some money marketing our sites.”

And with a lure like 80% off retail, delivering customers isn't hard.

Not only is this a new money-maker for affiliates, it's a business builder as well. Program tools – including an automatically updated html banner featuring the freshest deal, as well as search-optimized content – boost the affiliate's search engine value and attract a steady stream of new eyeballs and new customers.

“We give our affiliates the constantly updated, dynamic banners, ads and RSS feeds they need to grab the attention of new customers and get them to click through to our ODAT sites,” Haney said. “When you can give the hook-up for the sickest gear at up to 80% off retail, you're going to be popular. And ridiculous deals lead to conversion. With this new program, we're hoping that all the guys who've shown us the love over the years will feel the love in return. We're done being deadbeats.”

It's about time.

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