Australian Company CGear Introduces Recyclable SandFree Multimat

Originally designed to eliminate dust from helicopter take-offs and landings, currently used by the U.S. Military, CGear SandFree Multimat has been adapted for outdoor recreation and will debut in the U.S. at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

For the first introduction to the U.S. market, Australian-based CGear will launch its CGear SandFree Multimat at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, January 21-24, in booth BR417. Using mesh nylon and designed with a patented multi-layered knitted technology, the CGear SandFree Multimat, which is recyclable, allows sand and dirt to fall through to the ground but does not let it come back up on the mat.

CGear's original product, the CGear Tactical Helimat, was created to provide a solution for “brown outs” caused by dust clouds during helicopter landings and take-offs, a safety hazard due to lack of visibility and dust ingestion. This cost many lives and millions of dollars in repairs and replaced helicopter parts. Special forces around the globe currently use the CGear Tactical Helimat for this purpose.

The CGear SandFree Multimat is made of recyclable material constructed with reinforced edges and rip stop technology to increase durability. Liquid spills go through the mat and are easily wiped clean; the non-absorbent material eliminates risk of rot or mold damage. The mat is unaffected by salt or acidic ground and constructed with UV stabilizers to minimize degradation from sun exposure. It can also be used as a shade mat, providing 90+ UV protection, or as a wind screen. The CGear Multimat will be available in seven sizes, ranging from 8ft x 8ft to 20ft x 20ft. Each lightweight CGear Multimat – the 10ft x 10ft mat is 8.5 lbs – comes with a drawstring carry bag.

“With the CGear SandFree Multimat's success in Australia as well as with the U.S. Military, the logical next step was to bring our technology to the outdoor consumer market,” said Glen Sinclair Gibson, CEO of CGear. “Perfect for camping, ORWM is the only place where we can share the benefits with key buyers in the industry.”

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About CGear

CGear Australia Pty. Ltd. was established in May 2003 to hold patents that cover technology of multi-layered nylon mesh, a mat that allows dirt and sand to pass through to the ground but not come back up on the mat. With continual research and development, CGear introduced products for use by the military and the outdoor recreational markets. The CGear Tactical Helimat is currently distributed in the USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey, India, South Korea, Portugal and Singapore. The CGear Recreational Division is currently retailing the CGear SandFree Multimat throughout Australia and will be introduced in the US in 2010.