Atayne Introduces 'Science Made Simple' with Kelsey Abbott

Eco-active apparel maker's educational-web initiative answers questions about the clothes we wear and the environment

Brunswick, Maine, January 18, 2010 -- Atayne, a Maine-based manufacturer of high-performance apparel made from trash, announced the company's eco-educational web initiative called "Science Made Simple" and welcomed science writer Kelsey Abbott to the Atayne team.

Science Made Simple is a new section of Atayne's web site dedicated to answering questions about performance apparel, recycled clothing, sustainability, and the environment. Visitors can click links to read answers to questions such as 'How do you turn a few plastic bottles into polyester and performance apparel?' There is also a form for visitors to submit their own questions.

Click here to visit Atayne's Science Made Simple.

"We receive thousands of questions about how the clothes we wear and how apparel is made affects the environment," said Jeremy Litchfield, Atayne's founder and pacesetter. "Science Made Simple is our effort to present thoughtful, science-based answers that don't require a PhD to understand," said Litchfield.

Kelsey Abbott, Atayne's new scientist in residence, will write and post answers to Science Made Simple questions. Abbott is a marine biologist with a Master's degree in environmental mangement.

"I'm really excited to work with Atayne--a company that embraces my love of sports and the environment," said Abbott.

Kelsey Abbott has studied dolphins in Hawaii, killer whales in the Pacific Northwest and coral reef fish in the Barbados. In addition to writing for Atayne, Abbott writes about science and environment at Mauka to Makai and about food at Healthy-ish. Abbott also enjoys training for triathlons, teaching spinning and core classes, and exploring the great outdoors with her husband and their dog.

"We're excited to have Kelsey's vast expertise on hand to help us inform customers with credible science," said Litchfield. "The decision to have her write for Atayne's web site was simple."

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Brunswick, Maine-based Atayne inspires positive environmental and social change through the power of active lifestyles. Atayne uses innovative technologies and materials made from plastic bottles, coconut and crab shells, and fabric scraps--in other words trash!--to create high-performing athletic and outdoor gear that is safe for people and the planet.

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