Anti-Freeze Face Tape Helps You Avoid Facial Frostbite


Anti-Freeze Face Tape Helps You Avoid Facial Frostbite


Do you wish to avoid freezing your nose or cheeks? Anti-Freeze Face Tape is for you!

Anti-Freeze Face Tape is for downhill & cross-country skiers, winter runners and cyclists, and anyone else who wishes to protect and insulate their skin.

23.01.2015, Rybinsk, Russia (RUS): Helene Soederlund (SWE), Fischer, One Way, Alpina, Rottefella, Craft - FIS world cup cross-country, 10km women, Rybinsk (RUS). © Laiho/NordicFocus. Every downloaded picture is fee-liable.


Anti-Freeze Face Tape reduces the risk of frostbite by protecting and insulating the nose, cheeks and other otherwise exposed and vulnerable parts of one’s face. Each packet comes with 4 pre-cut one-time-use pieces; 1 nose, 2 cheeks & 1 cut-your-own piece. Each packet is available in either blue, pink or tan and has an msrp of only $4.99 US. Anti-Freeze Face Tape has patents and design patents pending and is made of cotton and hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. Anti-Freeze Face Tape was developed by Endurance Enterprises, Inc. and will be available this winter for wholesale and retail in the US, Canada, Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

For more information, and to get yours, contact:

For America & Global:

Endurance Enterprises, Inc. +1-406-585-2660

For Canada:

Nicolas Souliere Girardeau, SWL, 514-947-8812 ,