AlterG Recognized by Fast Company as a Most Innovative Company


AlterG®, the revolutionary anti-gravity training and rehabilitation company, today announced that it has been recognized by the editors of Fast Company as one of the World's Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Sports. AlterG ranks 5th in the category, which also includes Nike, the NBA, Qcue, UFC, Babolat, GE Healthcare, CrossFit, Synergy Sports and Cantor Gaming.

AlterG has been awarded this achievement for “giving flight to athletes with NASA-caliber antigravity treadmills, which reduces the amount of weight a runner has to bear. Less impact means less injury and less recovery time, explaining why dozens of pro and college sports programs are buying the machines.” In the US, over 100 professional sports and collegiate teams have invested in AlterG technology for their athletic programs.

The award will appear in the March issue, which will be on newsstands February 19th. Both the print and online article detail the award and the “state of innovation in our economy, featuring the businesses whose innovations are having the greatest impacts across their industries and our culture as a whole.”

"AlterG is honored to be included in Fast Company’s Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Sports,” said Steve Basta, AlterG’s CEO. “We’re gratified that elite athletes as well as the general public are using our anti-gravity technology to train and rehabilitate better than the ever. We’re working hard to get AlterG’s into physical therapy clinics, senior care facilities and athletic training centers around the world to provide broad access to the millions of people with any type of mobility challenge, from pro athletes to the elderly.”

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill® works by generating a powerful lifting force, using Differential Air Pressure technology, to relieve as much as 80% of the body weight of its users. This unweighting allows the non-mobile elderly, those suffering from obesity, and those recovering from injuries, neurological conditions or surgery to rehabilitate safely. Elite athletes train harder and recover faster on the AlterG without the danger of bearing weight on their injured or overused muscles and joints. Additionally, the machine’s gait-monitoring capabilities enable the study and assessment of bio-mechanical weaknesses to improve stride efficiency.

The technology behind the AlterG line of Anti-Gravity Treadmills was first created in the early 1990s by Stanford graduate engineering student and future NASA scientist Robert Whalen in order to simulate the planetary effects of gravity in space. Building upon that idea, Whalen’s son, Sean, began exploring the machine’s commercial possibilities while studying engineering and entrepreneurship at Stanford University. In 2005, the younger Whalen officially introduced AlterG as a cutting-edge standard in elite sports training. Some of AlterG’s first clients included the Nike Oregon Project, the Washington Wizards, the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Raiders. In 2009, AlterG officially entered the medical device industry as a state of the art rehabilitation and physical therapy medical device.

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About AlterG
AlterG, Inc. is revolutionizing modern rehabilitation through the use of its Anti-Gravity Treadmills®, built upon patented differential air pressure technology originally developed by NASA. The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill® is the first FDA-cleared medical device of its kind and is used by major medical centers, leading physical therapy clinics, top professional and collegiate teams and athletes, and individual sports and fitness programs. AlterG products allow for accurate partial weight bearing, including rehabilitation from any lower body disability, neurological retraining, weight control, geriatric strength and conditioning and sport-specific programs, and are sold worldwide.