Ahnu Footwear grows to 800 doors with The Walking Company, Eddie Bauer

Bay-area footwear brand continues steady growth with major retail additions for spring 2009

ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA -- Heading into their second winter with unseasonably warm news, Ahnu Footwear (www.ahnufootwear) this week announced two new retail partnerships that will send the young brand past the 800-retailer milestone in spring 2009.

Both The Walking Company and Eddie Bauer will begin carrying Ahnu men's and women's designs, bringing the brand's inspired lifestyle and performance footwear to a diverse national audience.

“Although much has changed in the marketplace since Ahnu arrived, one constant has been consumer eagerness to find the right value for their money,” said Jim Van Dine, president of Ahnu Footwear. “By linking social responsibility, lightweight comfort, cutting edge performance and forward-looking fashion to a realistic price tag, Ahnu continues to be well received.”

The partnership with The Walking Company will add 50 retail doors for Ahnu, while Eddie Bauer will deliver the brand to 213 storefronts in North America.

Ahnu Footwear debuted in spring 2007 in 263 storefronts. Today, just 18 months later, the brand has steadily grown their retail base by more than 90 percent to a mark of 500 storefronts.

The manageable pace of growth set by Ahnu has been achieved through a consistent commitment to specialty retail storefronts.

Specialty outdoor, running and fashion retailers account for 85 percent of Ahnu's face to the public and, according to Van Dine, will always be at the core of the Ahnu brand presence.

“As much as I enjoy giving credit to the Ahnu team for our growth, there's no doubt that our retailers are an essential part of our brand's success,” added Van Dine.

Ahnu Footwear (www.ahnufootwear) is built for uncompromising performance in all environments, including trail running, outdoor cross-performance, and travel. Ahnu's unique “go anywhere” design philosophy is centered around the balance of performance and lifestyle and a commitment to the highest possible environmental and social standards. A portion of Ahnu ownership is held in an outdoor trust, permanently committing a portion of their future success to conservation and advocacy work.

For more information regarding Ahnu Footwear, please visit our website at www.ahnufootwear.com, or contact Drew Simmons at Pale Morning Media, drew@madriver.com, 802.583.6069.