AFG Wins Health Magazine's "America's Healthiest Fitness Award"

Advanced Fitness Group (AFG) received top honors in Health magazine’s 2008 America’s Healthiest Fitness Awards competition. The specialty fitness equipment manufacturer’s 2.0 AS Home Gym won the America’s Healthiest Fitness Award in the strength category.

COTTAGE GROVE, Wis. (May 28, 2008) – Advanced Fitness Group (AFG) received top honors in Health magazine's 2008 America's Healthiest Fitness Awards competition. The specialty fitness equipment manufacturer's 2.0 AS Home Gym won the America's Healthiest Fitness Award in the strength category.

“Health magazine's recognition of our newest home gym clearly demonstrates AFG's commitment to designing fitness products that help a variety of consumers build functional strength as well as a healthier lifestyle,” said Todd Boerboom, brand manager for AFG.

America's Healthiest Fitness Awards recognizes Health magazine's top fitness picks – selected by the publication's experts and leaders in the fitness industry. For this year's competition, a panel of experts and industry leaders selected the top products in important lifestyle areas such as food, fitness and beauty.

2.0 AS Home Gym

AFG develops home gyms that are more inviting and engaging for next-generation strength trainers – non-traditional participants such as women, seniors and first timers who want a fast, total body workout that addresses a specific fitness need (i.e. weight loss, sport-specific training, etc.).

The 2.0 AS is a smart home gym that delivers the perfect strength training solution for beginners, yet is versatile and robust enough to appeal to advanced users. It is designed to deliver a fluid, total-body workout in as little as 20 minutes.

Users can quickly and efficiently move through workouts due to the gym's unique design. Cables don't have to be rerouted between exercises, which is common with competitive models. High-quality cables and commercial-grade pulleys equipped with bearings make lifts extremely smooth, minimizing stress on the body while prolonging the life of the equipment. Weight resistance is quickly and easily modified through an incremental weight stack with pull-pin design. The multi-position weight stack pivots to give users easy access no matter where the gym is placed in the home.

Individuals can select from more than 70 lifts using a high, mid or low pulley, a leg curl bar or various attachments (lat bar, bicep curl bar and leg cuffs). For those who need help getting started with a strength training program, the 2.0 AS comes with an in-depth training guide that provides a variety of time-based, body-specific or sport-specific workouts. The training guide allows individuals to customize a strength-training program based upon specific needs and goals.

“Users of the 2.0 AS are more likely to look at weight training as a means to lose weight, hit a golf ball farther or increase overall energy and fitness versus building muscle mass. That is exactly the type of user this home gym is designed for,” said Boerboom.

AFG is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd., the fourth-largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world. AFG products are sold exclusively at specialty fitness retailers in the United States and Canada. AFG offers a wide variety of smart, value-added fitness equipment, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and functional strength training equipment.

All AFG equipment is designed with one thing in mind – the end user experience. Before a product is conceived, AFG talks to consumers to find out what they want in their fitness equipment. Based on this knowledge, AFG focuses its resources on the things that matter most, developing the tools and features people need to accomplish a fitness goal. The end result is smart, highly functional fitness equipment that empowers people to look, feel and live better.

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