adidas Expands its DryDye Waterless Technology for Spring '15

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Los Angeles, Calif., July 28, 2014 – adidas Outdoor (, the athletic brand in the outdoors, announced today the expansion of its DryDye apparel collection for Spring 2015. The first of its kind from adidas, this innovative technology eliminates the need for water in the dyeing process.

The quantity of water needed to dye clothing produced across the world takes 25 liters of water to dye a t-shirt[1]. adidas supported the development of a technology that can eliminate the need for water in the dyeing process, known as DryDye. By using pressurized carbon dioxide in place of traditional water, this technology allows water savings of 25 liters per t-shirt. In addition, by completely eliminating water in the dyeing process, DryDye uses 50 percent less energy and 50 percent fewer chemicals than traditional dyeing methods.

adidas was the first in the market to apply the revolutionary DryDye technology and with its launch in 2012 it has rolled out the technology through different categories. In 2014, the adidas Outdoor DryDye Tee earned the Outdoor Industry Award in the “products of high ecological and sustainable value” category.

For spring ‘15, adidas Outdoor expands its DryDye collection, offering three styles for men, inlcuding the terrex Swift DryDye Tee, the terrex Swift DryDye ½ Zip Short Sleeve Tee and the terrex Swift DryDye ½ Zip Long Sleeve Tee and two styles for Women, the terrex Swift Drydye Tee and the terrex Swift DryDye ½ Zip Short Sleeve Tee. All styles are made for athletic mountain activities and combine sustainability and performance for outdoor athletes.

adidas DryDye

Since adidas launched the innovative dyeing technology DryDye in 2012 it has been rolled out through different categories including adidas Outdoor. In 2013, adidas secured two million yards of fabric produced with the DryDye technology, saving 50 million liters of water. In addition, adidas will increase the cumulative DryDye offering to a total of four million yards by the end of 2014. Plans are in place to expand further and create more products utilizing DryDye technology to offer a wider range of sustainable products.


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