Accell Fitness Division Partners with MFT Core Training Boards, Creati

Accell Fitness North America, owner of the high end home fitness brands Tunturi and Bremshey Sport has signed an exclusive distribution contract with MFT.

Accell Fitness Division Partners with MFT Core Training Boards, Creating Tunturi by MFT

Accell Fitness North America, owner of the high end home fitness brands Tunturi and Bremshey Sport has signed an exclusive distribution contract with MFT. Accell Fitness Division and MFT have agreed to a partnership where Accell Fitness has exclusive rights to market and distribute MFT Core Training Boards in North America.
Accell Fitness Division BV is selling the MFT line of products in the Benelux countries; Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and North America through it own sales organizations. In all other countries, Accell Fitness will launch the MFT range in co-operation with its 42-plus distribution partners. MFT training boards are proven, provide versatile core training and reach a large audience of users in the market.

History of MFT
MFT is an Austrian based company founded by Ewald Aigner, former trainer of the Austrian Ski Team. Since 1998 Aigner has worked on training concepts for professional sports clubs and athletes, creating products to achieve better total body stability, co-ordination and mental strength. In 2000 the company MFT GmbH was founded in Guntramsdorf near Vienna. Together with the best sports doctors, sports scientists, professional trainers and orthopedic professors, MFT invented a new training concept called the S3 Check. In addition, MFT has launched a line of high-end core training balance boards: The Fun, Fit, Trim and Sport Discs, all with limitless possibilities. A success story that started in Austria has found its way throughout Europe and is now making its way in the North American market.

Four Boards = No Limits

Fun Disc
The Fun Disc is perfect for beginners, young and old. This product is great for children learning to keep their balance on the board; or for a rehab patient, helping make their recovery more efficient. The Fun Disc is also great for the elderly who want an easy workout at home, helping them keep mobile. The Fun Disc is the perfect product for all and is like having two disks in one.

Fit Disc
The Fit Disc offers the user a higher level of challenging training options. The Fit Disc is perfect for training around one's own body axle. This board is ideal for home fitness, physiotherapy, and group fitness and for personal training.

Trim Disc
The Trim Disc was the first product developed for MFT. This initial MFT board is still the star product, as it is a perfect piece of training equipment for a broad spectrum of users. Designed with a unique twist board atop the basic Fun Disc board, it provides an unbelievable number of challenging moves and motions giving you many ways to kick you workout into high gear.

Sport Disc
The top level product in MFT lineup is the Sport Disc. The Sport Disc has one main focus: train professional athletes and users at a level above all others and to differentiate world class athletes from their com¬petitors. The design has many exciting and in¬novative platforms that give all users intensive training and provide fine tuning to improve their daily training routines.

All products come with professional training advice and the Fit, Trim and Sport Discs include a training DVD. Your workout can be as challenging and demanding as you make it. There are no limits!

Please contact Accell Fitness North America for more information regarding these exciting new Tunturi Core Training boards by MFT. Feel free to contact Trish Van Berkel at 800-667-1020 Toll Free Canada or 888-388-6887 Toll Free US at extension 3006. You may also email us at or

You may view the Tunturi Core Training Boards by MFT at


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