A16 and Quest Outdoors team to speed delivery of Nalgene Products

Adventure 16 reached an agreement with Don Burch owner of Quest Outdoors to be A16's third party logistics (3PL) partner.
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA. (January 18, 2008) -- Adventure 16 today announced it has reached an agreement with Don Burch owner of Quest Outdoors to set up an independent subsidiary in Louisville, Kentucky to be A16's third party logistics (3PL) partner. Beginning this spring it will initially warehouse and ship Nalgene products to A16's Mid-West and East Coast Dealers. Louisville is a UPS hub city and is positioned to provide A16's Dealers with improved delivery time on Nalgene's popular and fast turning products. In some cases, it will speed delivery by 3-days. A16's President, John D. Mead, had this to say about the new partnership, “We're delighted to make this announcement. Don's experience serving as a 3PL partner, combined with the stellar reputation of Quest Outdoors, made them the ideal choice. Don has been a friend and sounding board over the past 18 years. He was recognized as the Outdoor Industry Retail Leader of the Year in 2002 and understands the needs of specialty outdoor retailers.”

Adventure 16 was founded by a Boy Scout Explorer Post in 1962. It is an employee owned company operating seven high-end specialty mountain shops in Southern California and a wholesale distribution business providing outdoor accessories and climbing equipment to over 1,500 dealers throughout the world. Read more about Adventure 16 at www.adventure16.com and Quest Outdoors at www.questoutdoors.com


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