A Revitalized Wigwam

Wigwam Mills, an authentic American sock manufacturer in Sheboygan, WI, is excited to announce its rebranding effort, which includes simplifying their product categories to make it easier for consumers to find the right socks for them.

SHEBOYGAN, Wis., Jan. 23, 2007 – Wigwam Mills, an authentic American sock manufacturer and marketer based in Sheboygan, Wis., will offer consumers a whole new shopping experience with the launch of a revitalized brand image. Motivated by simplicity, Wigwam has clarified its previous 20 product categories into five simple competencies. Packaged in the vibrant, stimulating colors of nature, the new packaging, paired with a redesigned logo and some new, breath-taking product, will be available in retail locations this spring.

“We consolidated our lines into five competencies to help our buyers and customers make more intuitive decisions with their sock purchases,” said Robert Chesebro, Jr., president and CEO of Wigwam Mills, Inc. “We haven't taken away any styles that our customers know and love, we've just made it easier for them to find the right socks for their lifestyles.”

Wigwam's simplification into five competencies has also reduced the number of brands offered to only Wigwam. The former Ultimax® and INgenius® products are still available but will not be marketed under those brand names. Ultimax socks will become part of the Pro Series across competencies and will be visually set apart by a silver finish to the package and the word “Pro” added to the style name. INgenius product will include the word “Fusion” in the name to be representative of the integrated moisture reducing liner.

The five competencies will be swathed in the following colors:
- Outdoor is blue. An adventurous color, blue is the color of the sky, the lakes, the oceans and the hue of distant mountains.

- Snowsport is Crimson. Crimson is warmth, dominance, fire and passion. These are traits of those who live life to the extreme.

- Sport is Green. Green is fresh, nourishing and good. Green is being alive and feeling the grass beneath your feet.

- Health is Amber. Amber is vibrant and radiant and exhibits a healthy glow in the enjoyment of life. Wigwam Health socks encourage life-sustaining movement to those with sensitive feet and ailments that keep them from being active.

- At Work is Golden Yellow. Honest, hardworking and longwearing socks help get the job done. We blanket and protect the feet of those who truly make this country great.


About Wigwam:
Wigwam Mills, Inc., was founded in 1905 and is located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It is an authentic American brand that designs, manufactures and markets the knitwear that America grew up with. For more information, visit www.wigwam.com or e-mail Wigwam at socks@wigwam.com.


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