A New Spin on Comfort - Feetures! Launches #MaxMyRun Campaign


Charlotte, NC - Warmer weather is just around the corner, and runners everywhere are preparing for the annual spring cleaning of their sock drawers. Luckily, Feetures! is here to cushion the blow. During the month of March, the leader in the performance sock category is giving customers the chance to try on a pair of the new Elite Max Cushion socks when they swap out a pair of old running socks at select run specialty retailers.

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The #MaxMyRun Sock Swap events will take place at more than 50 participating run specialty retailers across the United States. A Feetures! sales
 representative will be at each Sock Swap to participate in a group run and provide additional information and prizes. The first 36 runners who show up with a pair of old socks can swap them out for a brand new pair of Elite Max Cushion socks.

“Elite Max Cushion is the culmination of years of searching for the perfect blend of performance and comfort in running socks,” says Joe Gaither, Feetures!’ Marketing Director. “The Sock Swap events will allow retailers and their customers the opportunity to experience the difference that Elite Max Cushion can bring to their runs.”

In addition to the Sock Swap events, Feetures! is encouraging runners to post their best running photos and tagging #MaxMyRun on social media for a chance to win a year’s supply of Elite Max Cushion socks. For more information, visit http://feeturesrunning.com/index.php/maxmyrunlanding.

About Feetures!

Designed for runners, by runners, Feetures!’ mission is to support runners and other athletes in their pursuit of active lifestyles. Family owned and operated out of North Carolina, Feetures! is focused on offering the highest quality products that are designed to help athletes achieve their personal best. For more information visit www.Feeturesrunning.com