A Geographical Analysis Of Sports In America

If you are searching for the geographic hotbeds of sports participation in the United States... after reading SGMA’s Superstudy Geographic Report (2006 edition), you will know.

WASHINGTON, D.C. –- June 17, 2006 – If you are searching for the geographic hotbeds of sports participation in the United States, then the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) can identify them. After reading SGMA's Superstudy Geographic Report (2006 edition), you will know which parts of the USA have greater per capita levels of interest in sports, fitness, and recreational activities than other parts of the country. This report details participation in more than 100 sports/activities across:
• Four major geographic regions (Northeast, North Central, South, and West);
• Nine geographic divisions (New England, Middle Atlantic, East North Central, West North Central, South Atlantic, East South Central, West South Central, Mountain, and Pacific);
• 48 continental states; and
• The top 33 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).
The Superstudy of Sports Participation is the result of a national consumer mail panel survey of 25,000 adults and children that was conducted in January of 2006. The Superstudy monitors more than 100 sports and activities, with tracking data spanning from 1987 to the present.
One of the many highlights is that the geographic regions, states, and metro areas are ranked within each of the 100+ sports/activities, which allows the reader to instantly identify strong geographic areas for each activity. In other words, this study will go as far as telling the reader if golf is more popular in Chicago, Illinois than in Atlanta, Georgia.

To order a copy of the most recent copy of the Geographic Report, please access www.SGMA.com and click on Insight, then Participation Reports, and then SuperStudy.

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