8 Hours 48 Minutes 10 Seconds, The Japanese Runner Tsuyoshi Kaburaki D

——The North Face 100® 2010 Beijing International Endurance Challenge Run Ended In Great Success

(May 8, 2010, Beijing) With his arms opened, Tsuyoshi Kaburaki sprinted to the finishing line like a glider and enjoyed the cheers from the audience. When he crossed the finishing line, he raised his arm and shouted excitedly. This happened at the 100km finishing point of The North Face 100® 2010 Beijing International Endurance Challenge Run on May 8. Finally, the Japanese runner Tsuyoshi Kaburaki defended his title successfully with a time of 8 hours 48 minutes 10 seconds. Zhang Huiji won the champion of the female group with a time of 11 hours 21 minutes 27 seconds. Jia Xiaojing is the champion of the 50km male group, and Liu Junyan is the champion of the female group. Pan Zihui and Zhang Lihong are the champions for the 10km male and female groups respectively.

The host held a reception for the runners in an antique tea house of a hotel near the 100km starting point the day before the race. Then the runner representative climbed up the Great Wall. One year later, the Japanese runner Tsuyoshi Kaburaki who defended his title in the 100km male group, was filled with strong emotions and said, “I came to the Great Wall at this time last year, and got the champion one day later. This year, I climb up the Great Wall at Juyongguan Pass again. I hope to get a good result tomorrow.”

Tsuyoshi realized his wish yesterday. He didn't lead other runners at the beginning of the race, but adopted the same tactics as he did last year, choosing to run at full strength for the second half of the race. Tsuyoshi and other Chinese runners always led others in the first 50km. When it came to 70km, he started to lead other runners and showed his outstanding strength for the second half. After that he was always in the leading position. When he reached the Ming Tombs Reservoir Platform, he opened his arms and enjoyed applause from the audience. When he crossed the line, the narrator on the site shouted to him, “you are the real king!”. Tsuyoshi smiled to the audience and made a “V” gesture to give his regards, and his wife hugged him.

Tsuyoshi said excitedly after the race, “I am very glad to get such a result and defend the title. The course is difficult, but it is just right for me. The race in China is different from the one I joined in Japan. I hope to bring such a high level race to my country. We can only experience the fun of outdoor sports and the joy of challenging the limits in the nature.” After he crossed the line successfully, Bai Bin won the second place with a time of 8 hours 57 minutes 21 seconds, and Yang Jiagen won the third place with a time of 9 hours 1 minute 8 seconds.

The 50km race and the 10km race ended earlier were more like a big party of outdoor endurance run, in particular the 10km race that was attended by many people. Before starting, over 4,000 runners warmed up for the race under the guidance of the coach, creating a great scene. At the sound of the starting pistol, the enormous group of the runners was off the mark. Every runner enjoyed the joyful feast with smile along the beautiful Ming Tombs Reservoir course. Among them, the eldest one is 73 years old, while the youngest one is only 5 years old. Meanwhile, many family members and running enthusiasts cheered for and encouraged the runners along the course, which added a touch of warmth to the match.

It is reported that 4800 runners attended the race this year, up by 50% over 2009 when there were 3200 runners. The scale is incomparable among The North Face 100® Asian series. In terms of event arrangement, the organizer has also tried to create the race as an “ace match” of the Asian region. The 100km and 10km races are reserved this year, and the 40km becomes the 50km, so mid-level runners meet bigger challenge. Except for the added distance for a certain event, the courses also become more difficult. The hill section is increased to 55% from 27% last year for the 100km course, and increased to 50% from 17% for the 50km course. The 10km course is the same as the one in last year.

The age range of the runners is big, with the eldest one being 73, and the youngest one being only 5. Except for 4,600 domestic runners, there are also more than 200 international runners. Among them, there are government officials, employees from foreign companies, engineers, accountants, collage teachers and professional managers etc. The eldest runner in the 100km race is 60. Running in the nature and challenging your limits confirm the brand spirit of The North Face® “Never Stop Exploring”. Mr. Bruno Feltracco, Vice President of Outdoor & Action Sports, VF Asia Pacific, parent company of The North Face®, title sponsor of this event said, “It's our honor to hold the 100km outdoor endurance race in China for the second time. Today, we see runners enjoy outdoor sports and experience the great fun of being involved in the nature. In the spirit of The North Face® “Never Stop Exploring”, for endurance races, distance is not the ultimate goal but enjoying the run and challenging yourself. We are looking forward to having more Chinese endurance race enthusiasts join this event in the future. ”

The North Face® holds endurance run matches all over the world, including The North Face® Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc® that crosses three European countries and is the ultimate dream of many endurance run enthusiasts, and The North Face Endurance Challenge® series in America. The North Face® has released The North Face 100® endurance series in the Asia Pacific region since 2008, and the matches have been held successfully in Australia, Philippines and Singapore.