66 North Hikes to Raise Awareness of Glacial Melt

66 North and Icelandic Mountain Guides are sponsoring a mass ascent of the largest glacier in Europe to raise awareness of glacial melt.
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66 North and Icelandic Mountain Guides have teamed to offer an extensive training plan for a mass ascent of the Hvannadalshnukur Glacier. Beyond the pursuit of adventure and sport, the goal of the mass ascent is to raise awareness of the marked increase in world glacial melt.

The heritage of 66 North is based on the Icelandic landscape and people. It is for this reason that the company is seeking to raise consciousness of the rapidly melting glaciers of the world. It is not a political statement, as much as it is recognition of a major threat to the stability of the ecosystem.

Dubbed “Reach the Top With 66 North,” the training began in early February with an open invitation to the people of Iceland. Nearly 300 people showed up for the first meeting. The workshops continue with physical training goals and regular meetings that address the unique factors of glacier ascents. Under the leadership of the Icelandic Mountain Guides, the goal is for all participants to summit Mt. Hvannadalshnukur on June 7, 2008.

At 6920 feet (2110 meters), Mt. Hvannadalshnukur is the highest summit in Iceland, a southern spur of the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull.

The hope is that through facilitating this mass ascent, 66 North will enable more people to gain a firsthand awareness of the importance of glaciers to environmental balance. Though glacial melt is a serious topic, 66 North also celebrates the joy of activity and human achievement. Follow the progress at: http://www.66north.com/about-us/news-&-events.

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