31 Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassadors Learn to Surf

The Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador (MGOYA) program recently collaborated with the Los Angeles Unified School District & the LAPD led by MGOYA team leader, Officer Cynthia Deinstein teaching 31 students to surf.

31 Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassadors Learn to Surf


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Los Angeles, Cali. June 8, 2012- The Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador (MGOYA) program recently collaborated with the Los Angeles Unified School District & the Los Angeles Police Department led by MGOYA team leader, Officer Cynthia Deinstein(May 25, 2012) sponsoring 31 students from San Pedro High School's Police Academy Magnet & Marine Science & Technology Magnet to Redondo Beach to learn how to surf.Six surf instructors from the Torrance-South Bay YMCA guided the students how to navigate water, surfing skills, forge new relations and develop mentors.

MGOYA’s Director, Johanna Belson, explains that, " It is a privilege to open up the world of outdoor fun and sport as wide as possible for these students. Just a couple of months ago we saw these kids rock climb & touch snow for the first time and now we see them surf.”

Some of these same students have participated in MGOYA climbing and photography programs this year in Joshua Tree National Park. At Climb Smart 2011 the Outdoor Youth Ambassadors learned to climb from Lynn Hill and Linh Nguyen, two world-renowned climbers. As a part of the program they have been exposed to the latest in large format photography from two of the foremost pioneers in digital gigapixel photography with xRez Studio artists Eric Hanson and Greg Downing. These events combined to open up a new expansive world for the students.

As a follow-up to the classes in Joshua Tree and the visit to The Annenberg Space for Photography, Medicines Global is running a photo contest for their Youth Ambassadors. The MGOYA winners of the photo contest will participate in an international humanitarian trek to Nepal, November 2012. Working with xRez Studio the Outdoor Youth Ambassadors learn about the art of photography and the importance of photographing nature. With the guidance of xRez the Outdoor Youth Ambassadors have been motivated to share through photography their outdoor experiences with a wide group of their peers. Spreading the sense of awe found when urban youth get to experience the great outdoors. 

The photo contest will be announced this June while the MGOYAs are on a tour of the San Pedro Port.MGOYA received an invitation from the Head of External Affairs for the Port of Los Angeles to tour the port by boat.

Medicines Global’s collaboration with the Los Angeles Police Department will allow MGOYA exponential opportunities to create innovative programs to explore the planet providing a template/model from city to city, youth to youth.Wet suits donated by BodyGlove.

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May 25 2012 MGOYA LAPD/PAMS GoPro

RedWing/VASQUE erewhon Horny Toad

BodyGlide guidance Torrance-South Bay YMCA



Medicines Global serves as the parent organization for the Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador (MGOYA) program created in 2004, to get the urban youth into the outdoors. Through local and international outdoor fun and humanitarian adventure travel the MGOYA programs offer hiking, climbing, camping, kayaking and surfing activities that develop environmental and nutritional awareness for much deserving urban youth.

Medicines Global(GB) is dedicated to inspire all adventure travelers to Give Back(GB) to the places they visit by delivering basic first aid supplies to medical centers and remote community run health posts.

On Medicines Global’s first expedition to Nepal in 1999, 3,000 units of pharmaceutical strength Vitamin A were delivered reversing early nutritional blindness in 1000s of children. Annually this delivery has continued to multiply. Medicines Global networks within the outdoor retail world, food industry and medical relief agencies to create innovative ways of delivering critical first aid supplies through the hands of individual adventure travelers.

Since 1999, seventeen expeditions have taken medicine and provisions to Nepal, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia, Tibet, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, El Salvador and hurricane ravaged Biloxi, Mississippi. In addition to expeditions thousands of calls and emails come in from individual travelers who want to be guided on how to make a difference by giving back to the places that they will visit.

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