2008 SIA/DeadlineWizard Electronic Pressroom Hibernates for Summer

The DeadlineWizard/SIA 2008 SnowSports Trade Show’s paperless pressroom heads into summer hibernation on May 15, wrapping up an innovative program to reduce waste, environmental impact, and greenhouse gas emissions.
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Jackson Hole, WY (April 29, 2008) –

The SnowSports Industries America (SIA) 2008 SnowSports Trade Show's paperless pressroom will head into summer hibernation on May 15, 2008 wrapping up an innovative program to reduce waste, environmental impact, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Utilizing the latest technology in media relations, SIA partnered with DeadlineWizard to create an electronic pressroom (www.deadlinewizard.com/sia) for the SIA.08 SnowSports Trade Show where media could go to learn about exhibitors' companies and new products. Traditional press kits were barred from the media room so exhibitors were given the opportunity to post their press kits, for free, on a company page, eliminating the need for hard copies.

The pressroom worked on all levels –
• An estimated one ton of paper was saved along with the greenhouse gasses generated by production and transportation of kits and materials.
• Post-show waste of unused kits – be they paper, disc, or on memory sticks– was eliminated.
• It saved the exhibitors the cost of producing kits.
• It provided a long-term central location for media to access product information.

“SIA was extremely pleased with the number of exhibitors and media that utilized the digital pressroom at the SIA.08 SnowSports Trade Show. DeadlineWizard delivered a product that was easy to use and helped SIA remain environmentally friendly,” said SIA's Leslie Groves. “We look forward to working with DeadlineWizard.com for the SIA.09 SnowSports Trade Show (January 27-30, 2009), during our last year in Vegas.”

DeadlineWizard President, Mike Mooers, sees the electronic pressroom as a new paradigm. “Nothing to print, no discs to burn, nothing goes to waste – and it is so much easier for everyone involved. SIA had a vision and we fulfilled it. We definitely see this as a growth area for DeadlineWizard and are excited to see where 2009 takes us.”

About SIA: SnowSports Industries America is Your Intelligent Partner.365 of the snow sports industry. SIA annually produces the SIA SnowSports Trade Show, the largest industry trade show and networking environment, and delivers invaluable data, support and marketing products. SIA serves as the national, not-for-profit, member-owned trade association representing snow and winter sports companies. For more information, check out www.snowsports.org. SnowSports Industries America, 8377-B Greensboro Drive, McLean, VA 22102-3587. Phone: (703) 556-9020, Fax: (703) 821-8276, E-mail: siamail@snowsports.org

About DeadlineWizard: Created by a team of professional media and PR people, DeadlineWizard serves the media and PR agencies in a competitive, time-crunched world. DeadlineWizard provides credentialed media with access to dozens of companies and thousands of new products with one username, one password, at one URL, connecting them with manufacturers and PR professionals efficiently and effectively. www.deadlinewizard.com email: thewizard@deadlinewizard.com ph: 530-263-9084


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