2006 Baffin goes to Last degree of the Geographic North Pole

It is said that Canadians know winter and no one understands that better than Paul Hubner, President of Baffin Inc.

It is said that Canadians know winter and no one understands that better than Paul Hubner, President of Baffin Inc., the leading name in extreme cold weather footwear. Being in the winter footwear business it's important that our products withstand the most gruesome conditions. On April 9th the ultimate test of Baffin's boot technology will commence. Baffin boots will be taken to the absolute limit in one of the most radical environments known to man. These boots will be worn by Paul and veteran adventurer Doug Stoup on a trek to the Geographic North Pole. The team will fly from Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Norway) to the Borneo Ice station at 89°N; where they will ski over 100km to the Pole pulling their own gear as they go. Baffin's footwear has gone along with Doug on many of his previous expeditions but now Paul will accompany Doug to gain first hand experience, ensuring Baffin continues to lead the world in cold weather footwear development. The boot of choice they will be wearing was designed by Paul with Doug's expert advice and input. The Doug Stoup signature model is a rugged boot created with 1600 denier nylon and a -100°C/-148°F lining system that will more than withstand the -50 F conditions the pair will face. This represents a commitment to product rarely see in today's corporate environment.

In addition, Paul's focus will not only be to arrive at the Geographic North Pole and of course test the product, but also to raise money for the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO), to assist in the continuum of children's cancer care in Ontario. All monies raised will be donated directly to children's cancer care as Baffin is covering all the expedition expenses. Interested parties can find the donation forms at http://www.baffin.com/Current%20Info/NorthPole1.html.

You can follow the team's interactive journey at http://www.baffin.com/Sponsorship.html where they will send daily dispatches via satellite. If you miss the day to day event an HDTV documentary of the expedition will be filmed for DVD release, along with live coverage -- both audio and video dispatches on ICE AXE TV. www.iceaxetv.com

Join Baffin's Paul Hubner and team leader Doug Stoup on an incredible journey that very few have ever experienced...



Once again Baffin has stepped up to the challenge of being the market leader with technically advanced product. We are constantly coming up with new innovative designs and ideas so that every year we will be the dominant footwear company. Baffin offers premium winter boots that ...read more