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110%, New Sports Apparel Innovation, Combines Compression with Ice

110% new sports apparel innovation, combines compression with ice therapy to help athletes of all levels recover faster and perform better.

JACKSONVILLE, FLA. (November 17, 2010) -- The performance sports company 110% (www.110playharder.com) announces the launch of the first line of sports apparel specifically designed to enhance an athlete's training, performance, and recovery needs using an innovative combination of compression and ice therapy.

The 110% system features advanced compression technology to enhance performance during training, then quickly transforms into an effective cold therapy for recovery, with specially designed ice sheets that can be inserted into sleeves built into the garments.

“Our system was designed by passionate athletes looking for better training performance, and faster recovery periods,” said David Green, a co-founder of 110%. “We set out to achieve both goals by focusing on compression and ice and created one product that, for the first time, does it all.”

For training and performance, the patented 110% apparel is designed for new levels of support, circulation, and mobility during workouts. The 360-degree stretch knit fabric contains 50 percent more spandex than typical compression garments, and is constructed with a zoned, gradient design to apply compression to specific muscle groups. In addition, the polypropylene blend retains 300 percent less water than nylon garments to keep the body cool and dry throughout a workout, plus antimicrobial fibers to destroy 99.99 percent of odor-causing bacteria. 

For recovery, the system's micro-thin, reusable “Thermafreeze” ice sheets are inserted into the garment's interior sleeves. The ice sheets feature a grid design for flexibility that will not “sweat” with condensation, for quick and comfortable cold therapy. The 110% system includes a reusable thermal bag that will keep the ice sheets cold for up to six hours, making recovery treatment more convenient and immediate than ever. 

“For the passionate athlete that is looking not only to make it to the starting line, but also to finish, go faster and do it for the rest of their lives, recovery is an integral component,” Green commented. “Our system is designed for every competitor whether he or she is a runner, a walker, an avid cyclist, a weekend tennis player or even a professional football player. Bottom line, our gear enables athletes to get healthy, stay healthy and realize their peak performance.”


110% has been adopted by elite runners, triathletes and endurance athletes across the United States and internationally. Athletic trainers and coaches say the 110% system increases icing compliance among athletes and is effective for night treatments, during travel and whenever the “cold tank” isn't available or convenient. As Green notes, “Together, ice and compression have been shown to help prevent and speed the recovery of many of the most common sports-related injuries like Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome (runner's knee), and shin splints.”

The product line includes shorts, tights, calf sleeves, and knee sleeves, anatomically designed to target a variety of muscle groups for support for better performance during training, which easily converts to a cold therapy recovery treatment system immediately following a workout: 
• Double-Life Shin/Calf Sleeves (MSRP: $65.00), targeting shin and calf support and recovery
• Juggler Knickers (MSRP: $150.00) - for quad, hamstring, lower lumbar, hip, and knee support and recovery
• Blitz Knee Sleeve (MSRP: $55.00) – for knee support and recovery
• Transformer Shorts (MSRP: $110.00) – for quad, hamstring, lower lumbar, and hip support and recovery

“For training, we offer what we believe is a better way to maximize compression's benefits, so athletes can perform at their very best. For recovery, our system is simple, mobile and effective. And it allows them to get back into action faster.” said Green.     

110% is available online at www.110playharder.com. Retailers carrying the brand include Runners Roost, Lakewood, CO; Fleet Feet, San Antonio, TX; Jacksonville Running Company, Jacksonville FL; and the online stores RunningWarehouse.com and All3Sports.com. Additional retail outlets will begin receiving product early in 2011.

About 110%
Founded in 2009 by passionate athletes looking for ways to improve their own training and recovery, 110% is dedicated to empowering the pursuit of peak athletic performance, by developing and delivering innovative products to help amateur and professional athletes realize better training, performance, and recovery. Using a proprietary design that offers a new level of compression efficacy for training, and fits patented Thermafreeze ice sheets into built-in sleeves for recovery, the 110% Training and Recovery System is the only product that combines compression and ice therapy for a faster, more convenient recovery. 110% is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. For more information, and to order 110% products online, please visit www.playharder.com.


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