110% Launches Ice Therapy Recovery and Training System

110% Launches First Recovery and Training System to Combine Compression and Ice Therapy at Denver Rock 'n' Roll Marathon This Weekend
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JACKSONVILLE, FLA. – 110% (www.110playharder.com), a company founded by dedicated athletes in 2009, is launching its first line of Recovery and Training System garments at this weekend's Denver Rock ‘n' Roll marathon (http://denver.competitor.com), the only system that combines compression and ice therapy to speed recovery and enhance performance. The comfortable, compression garments for men and women feature a unique pocket design that fits thin icing sheets so athletes of all skill levels can prevent and heal injuries and begin icing and repairing muscles and tissue immediately following a run, workout or race. Specifically, 110% will be on display at the Health & Fitness Expo taking place at the Colorado Convention Bureau, Friday, October 15 and Saturday, October 16.

The 110% Recovery and Training System garments are anatomically designed to deliver the optimal amount of compression exactly where athletes need it. Made with a 360-degree stretch knit with 50 percent more spandex than other compression products, 110%'s line of garments – shorts, tights, calf sleeves, and knee sleeves – provide a higher level of compression for the best support, circulation and mobility. Specifically, 110% provides relief for injured athletes, faster recovery from workouts and races and better overall performance with compression.

Compression helps reduce lactic acid build up that causes muscle soreness, lessen fatigue and speed recovery time. Ice helps reduce muscle and tissue soreness and pain. When applied immediately, it decreases swelling and initiates healing.

Together, ice and compression have been shown to help prevent and speed the recovery of many of the most common sports-related injuries like Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome (runner's knee) and shin splints.

“Our recovery system is simple, mobile and effective,” said David Green, CEO of 110%. “For the passionate athlete that is looking to make it to the starting line, finish, go faster and do it for the rest of their lives, recovery is an integral component. Our system is designed for every competitor whether he or she is a runner, a walker, an avid cyclist, a weekend tennis player or a even professional football player. Bottom line, our gear enables passionate athletes to get healthy, stay healthy and realize their peak performance.” 110% staff members will be hand at the Denver Health & Fitness Expo to demonstrate the product and provide first hand information.

For training, the garment's polypropylene blend retains 300% less water than nylon garments to keep the body cool and dry throughout a workout. In addition, the antimicrobial fibers help destroy 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. For recovery, the garment's patent-pending pocket design allows for the immediate application of ice exactly where it is most needed, such as the calf, hamstring and glutes. The specially designed micro-thin thermafreeze ice sheets insert directly into the pockets and quickly transform the training garments into effective and convenient recovery systems.

The product line includes the Double-Life Shin/Calf Sleeves (MSRP $65.00), Juggler Knickers (MSRP $150.00), Blitz Knee Sleeve (MSRP $55.00) and Transformer Shorts (MRSP $110.00). In addition to its line of compression/icing shorts, tights, calf sleeves and knee sleeves, 110% manufactures a re-usable portable thermal bag that keeps ice sheets frozen for up to six hours so that users can recover immediately no matter where they are.

In addition to being used by several NFL teams, 110% has been adopted by elite runners, triathletes and endurance athletes across the United States. Athletic trainers and coaches say the 110% system increases icing compliance among athletes and is effective for night treatments, during travel and whenever the “cold tank” isn't available or convenient.

“Recovery is a critical element of keeping athletes healthy and maximizing their performance on the field, “ said Mike Ryan, PT, head athletic trainer for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  “The combination of compression and icing therapy helps athletes minimize muscle soreness, train more aggressively, and reduces their risk for injury.”

110% will also participate in two other Competitor Series events including the San Antonio Rock ‘n' Roll Health & Fitness Expo on November 12-13, 2010, and the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Expo on December 3-4, 2010. Consumers in the Denver metro area may purchase 110% at the Runners Roost, Lakewood, Colorado location.

About 110%
Launched in 2009, 110% delivers innovative products to help amateur and professional athletes recover faster for peak performance using a proprietary pocket design that fits its patented thermafreeze icing sheets. Its Recovery and Training System is the only product that combines compression and ice therapy for a faster, more convenient recovery. 110% celebrates athletic pursuits and believes in the power of design and innovation to push individual performance. 110% is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. For more information and to order 110% recovery products online, please visit www.110playharder.com.



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