Compared side by side, Winter Park and Buena Vista are pretty similar. They're both mountain towns in Colorado located next to glorious natural resources, and they both have small populations and tight-knit communities. But Dave Blazer is excited to learn the nuances between the two towns now that he's opened The Trailhead's second location in Winter Park.

The store celebrated a soft opening on Nov. 8. The shop's small footprint shares space with The Perk—Winter Park’s premier coffee shop—and sits next door to Green Spaces—the town's premier co-working spot.

"Winter Park has a lot to offer," Blazer said. "It's entering into a really cool renaissance. Part of what initially drew us to Winter Park is that there was an opportunity for a local gear shop. We have come to really enjoy being that community hub."

The Trailhead first opened in 1972 in Buena Vista and Blazer bought the shop in 2013. Two years ago, he started looking for a town to plant his second location. He was drawn to Winter Park's close community and mountain culture. 

Blazer figures there's no better way to get to know the locals and visitors than over a steaming cup of coffee or beer, served by The Perk. The entire space is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and seats 21 people. 

"It's such a neat place to interact with people and to just be," Blazer said. "We don't just want to be some place that sells retail stuff. We want to be a place where people come so that they can be part of a community."


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