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A storyteller you should know: Faith Briggs

Briggs wants everyone to see someone that looks like them outside, doing something they love, and to be inspired to do the same thing.
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"I think that people think that because public lands are for the public all people feel welcome there and that’s just not the case.," says Briggs in the film "This Land."

“Before 2016, I’d never put the two words ‘outdoor’ and ‘industry’ together,” says documentary filmmaker Faith Briggs. The Brooklyn, New York, native worked for the Discovery Channel after graduating from Yale. But while on a shoot with the National Park Service in 2016, Columbia Sportswear offered her a position as a Director of Toughness, a gear-testing and storytelling role. She accepted, and the gig let her travel, play outdoors, test gear, and ultimately find a new professional home in the outdoor industry.

Briggs now lives in Portland, Oregon, and works as a freelancer on outdoor industry and conservation films. She’s currently producing and starring in an upcoming film called This Land. In it, she’ll go trail running with local activists through national monuments at risk of losing territory.

Her goal: use media as a tool to raise awareness, and ultimately to change lives. “I believe everyone has a right to clean air, clean water, and access to green spaces,” she says.

Follow her on Instagram at @faithevebee.

Watch This Land below.

This article originally appeared in the Winter issue of The Voice. You can access the complete digital issue here.



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