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An athlete you should know: Ryan Hudson

Hudson is a pro snowboarder who volunteers at the nonprofit that changed the trajectory of his own life.
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When he was a homeless teen living in San Diego, Ryan Hudson crossed paths with Outdoor Outreach, a nonprofit that introduces underserved kids to the outdoors, and it changed the trajectory of his life. He went on to compete in The North Face Masters of Snowboarding and the Freeride World Tour, and later, became a mentor and instructor for Outdoor Outreach.

Hudson is now a professional freeride snowboarder with a slew of sponsors: Patagonia, Smith, Discrete Clothing, Jones Snowboards, Vans, and Karacoram splitboard bindings.

Based in Salt Lake City, Hudson’s current focus is growing as an athlete, riding at Snowbird resort and in the Wasatch backcountry. In the meantime, he’s learning about the conservation and business sides of the outdoor industry to ensure a long-term career (exact job TBD). And when he goes home, he still volunteers with Outdoor Outreach to keep paying it forward. “I want to tell my story and share what I’ve learned,” he says.

Follow Hudson on Instagram here.

This article originally appeared in the Winter issue of The Voice, where Hudson appeared in our Fresh Faces department. You can access the complete digital issue here.



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