Where Are the Parents?

“Rule #1 for retail customers: No amount of apologizing you can do in defense of your children’s behavior can compensate for the effort you should have put towards actually watching them in the first place,” a knowledgeable employee explained on one of my first days of work. It was a particularly busy Saturday, and these words of wisdom would prove to be painfully relevant.

“Rule #1 for retail customers: No amount of apologizing you can do in defense of your children’s behavior can compensate for the effort you should have put towards actually watching them in the first place,” a knowledgeable employee explained on one of my first days of work.

It was a particularly busy Saturday, and these words of wisdom would prove to be painfully relevant.

As I was fitting a woman for boots, I heard the unmistakable squeals of delighted children romping and playing behind my shoulder. I turned to look, and I saw a brother/sister combo in a game of tag on an extremely large display that Merrell constructed to show off its latest line of shoes. Shaped like a miniature mountain, it consists of several perches on which to place the various Merrell units. Unfortunately, it’s a magnet for the unmonitored adventurous type, and sure enough the siblings were climbing about with no parents in sight.

Before I could tell the two to be careful, the brother lunged at his sister in a desperate tag. He lost his balance and started to fall, but he managed to simultaneously grab his sister as well as a wall display, and the two of them came crashing down in a heap of fallen shoes and racks.

“What did you do??” the mother exclaimed as she finally made her appearance. “I’m so sorry for the mess!”

“That’s quite alright. I’m just thankful they didn’t hurt themselves,” I replied as I cleaned up the disaster area.

Once calm was restored, I continued my job of fitting customers’ shoes. However, the brief period of normalcy was interrupted by a women’s Montrail Hardrock shoe that whizzed over my head and tumbled under a clothing rack. I turned to look where this projectile may have originated from, and I spotted a young boy with a mischievous grin spread ear to ear.

“Hey big guy, those shoes are meant to stay put,” I explained to him, and I turned back to my present customer.

Two seconds later, a coworker was pelted in the back by another flying shoe. The same culprit was ecstatic, rolling and laughing on the ground. Before I could react, the devil child sprinted away, pulling down every shoe he could get his hands on.

“Where the hell are all of the parents?” I grumbled to myself as I found myself cleaning the shoe area for the second time.

After that incident, I walked through the store and I noticed another coworker on his hands and knees scrubbing a large wet spot on the carpet.

“Is that what I think it is?” I asked.

“Worse. A mother wasn’t watching her toddler, and he wandered here to the camping supplies. He stuck a spork down his throat and vomited on the floor.”

“Is shopping really that distracting?” I pondered.

My question was answered soon after, when I asked a man if he needed help with anything.

“Yeah. You can watch my kids while I look around.”

by Dylan Hawkins

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