Westcomb Syncro Pants


A good adventuring pant that looks as good off the trail as it does on is hard to come by. Oh, boy, do we know. We've been in and out of more pants than a stripper at a New York club is in and out of tassels. We've found a few we like and a lot we don't.

When we were offered up some pants from a small, brand new, Canadian company most of us had never heard from before January 2005 (Westcomb), we tossed them into our pile of "to be considered" test clothes. They might have stayed there for some time if not for one of our female testers who, in a fit of curiosity, slipped on a pair and noted that the fit was rather amazing…her husband had to agree. (Pretty unusual for a wife in techie, outdoor pants to be greeted with, "Oooo, cute.") Another female tester, found the pants so stylish, versatile, comfy and durable she couldn't stop raving.

Made of Schoeller Dynamic fabric with Nanosphere technology, the Westcomb Syncro is incredibly durable and repels dirt, stains and resists the dreaded "you've been on the trail for days" stink factor remarkably well. After stream crossings the pants dried within 15 to 20 minutes. The Syncro also proved to be versatile, working well as a primary layer when it was warmer out and adequately well as a base layer when the ground was frosty.Â

But as we all know – ah, com' on, admit it -- the true measure of a pant is in the style and fit. So many outdoor adventure pants work great on the trail, but aren't exactly something you want to be seen in around town. The Syncro pants break out of that mold beautifully, with slightly flared legs, stretchy fabric, and a dropped waistband that offer up a flattering fit even in town. Laminated thigh pockets keep the look clean and streamlined. In fact, one tester wore them as travel pants on a recent flight and not only was comfortable stuck in an airplane seat – the articulated knees helped -- but looked presentable too.

One of our testers lived in her pair of Syncro pants for one month of hard hiking, scrambling and bushwacking – her only hiking pants for the whole trip. Even after 30 days of wear from trail to town, they look like new, and water still beaded up and rolled off them.

Available in men's and women's, in regular, short and long, and in XS to XL, so they can fit just about anybody. We'd call it pure heaven and give it a resounding perfect "5" if only the price were a tad lower.

SNEWS® Applause Meter: 4.5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection)

Suggested Retail: $199

For more information:www.westcomb.com or 604-420-8964.



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