Valeo Gel Flex Tube

The Gel Flex Tube by Valeo is a fun little creation. Honestly, it's not much different in function than many other rubber resistance tubes, and it resembles an old-style athletic trainer that has springs between two handles.

The Gel Flex Tube by Valeo is a fun little creation. Honestly, it's not much different in function than many other rubber resistance tubes, and it resembles an old-style athletic trainer that has springs between two handles.

This iteration has three stretchy translucent gel tubes between two gel handles, which are all molded in one stretchy piece.

And it's cute and pretty. Yeah, really. The gel it's made of comes in several attractive colors such as light blue and pink. It's small, very lightweight, and feels good in your hands. And it's not very expensive either.

In its quest to cater to women, Valeo should have a winner in this piece. No, some muscle man (or woman) shouldn't try to do huge numbers of intense daily reps using the Gel Flex Tube, but for a bit of light toning for certain exercises for shoulders, back and arms, it will get the job done.

And it looks good enough that it can sit in a living room (keeping it IN sight so it's NOT out-of-mind) and beg for use while you watch TV.

We found that this device kind of asks to be picked up and pulled on. Of course, the gel tubes when you pull on them stretch out pretty thin, so we'd be sure to look for any cracks or age before each use. Also we'd recommend that you don't stare at the thing while stretching it in case one tube does decide to snap. Of course, since there are three tubes, if one snaps the other two will keep it from going very far.

The Flex Tube comes with a one-page instruction sheet that summarizes the use well, and also warns not to use it outdoors. You ask why? We can tell you from experience that this kind of gel can actually get melty and sticky if left in the sun or in a warm area, leaving goo where it was. You don't want goo on a windowsill or couch.

SNEWS® Rating:
4.0 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection)

Suggested Retail: $13




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