TSI clubs' advertising in the toilet -- with Flush Media Inc.

If you think the bathroom stall is a teeny bit of sanctuary, think again. Town Sports International (TSI) has contracted with Flush Media Inc. for restroom advertising.

If you think the bathroom stall is a teeny bit of sanctuary, think again. Town Sports International (TSI) has contracted with Flush Media Inc. for restroom advertising. Sure, these mini-billboards that stare you in the face after you shut the door have been in some stores and restaurants, but now Flush (who ever thought of that name?) is entering the sports and fitness club market. According to a press release, "the new contract makes it possible for advertisers to reach an upscale, gender-specific, health- and fitness-conscious market that is athletic and earns above-average income." More stats than you want to know: A survey conducted by Rice University found that restroom advertising delivers recall up to 40 percent more effectively than magazine, newspaper, Internet, television, radio and outdoor billboard advertising. By the way, Flush is based in Nevada and Canada. The 125 fitness clubs in the TSI network include the New York Sports Clubs (NYSC), Boston Sports Clubs (BSC), Washington Sports Clubs (WSC) and Philadelphia Sports Clubs (PSC). The FLUSH media deal represents a potential of 992 advertising frames for participating advertisers.

SNEWS View: You know, there are just some places that should be sacred. It's bad enough that advertisers are figuring out how to force you to look at on-line ads because of the way they can explode out of the web page you're advertising or pile in front of the page you want to see and block all info, but in the toilet? In your health club? Is this…umm…healthy? And curious SNEWS minds want to know how the Rice researchers found the toilet stall ads were recalled 40 percent more effectively than other types of ads of other kinds. We would do a karate kick in someone's knees then run if we found a lurker outside a bathroom stall -- especially one with a clipboard.


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