TNT with Therese Iknoian -- HealthCare International's Proteus brand iPad compatibility

During Health & Fitness Business 2011, TNT with Therese Iknoian looks at iPad iOS compatibility with HealthCare International's Proteus brand.

During Health & Fitness Business 2011, TNT with Therese Iknoian looks at iPad iOS compatibility with HealthCare International's Proteus brand.



TNT with Therese Iknoian - Diamondback iOS Connectivity

TNT with Therese Iknoian checks out the new directions and trends in adding iOS device connectivity to the latest fitness equipment from Diamondback. more


SNEWS TV -- Sweat Management - TNT with Therese Iknoian at Interbike 2010

In this SNEWS TV TNT episode, Therese Iknoian looks at trends in sweat management, and how it impacts the performance of athletes. Featuring Buff and Headsweats. [advertising_display billboard_name="|SNEWSTV_Interbike_HFB_2010|" number_to_display="|1|"] more


SNEWS TV -- TNT with Therese Iknoian - Hydration

In this Trends and Topics (TNT) with Therese Iknoian report, Therese looks at hydrating smartly. Featuring interviews with CamelBak, Nuun, and H20 Overdrive. [advertising_display billboard_name="|SNEWSTV_Interbike_HFB_2010|" number_to_display="|1|"] more


SNEWS TV -- Ellipticals - TNT with Therese Iknoian

Therese Iknoian of SNEWS TV looks at the changing face of elliptical fitness machines on this episode of Trends and Topics. [advertising_display billboard_name="|SNEWSTV_Interbike_HFB_2010|" number_to_display="|1|"] more


SNEWS TV -- Future of Fitness - TNT with Therese Iknoian

The economic downturn had a major impact on the fitness industry. In this Trends & Topics episode, Therese Iknoian explores what the future holds for the fitness industry, with unique insight from independent management consulting professional Scott Eyler. [advertising_display more


SNEWS TV -- TNT With Therese Iknoian - Women's Cycling

In this episode of TNT, Therese explores the ever-growing women's cycling trend. [advertising_display billboard_name="|SNEWSTV_Interbike_HFB_2010|" number_to_display="|1|"] more


SNEWS TV -- Future of Fitness & FIDA - TNT with Therese Iknoian

In this episode of SNEWS TV, Therese Iknoian looks at what role the new fitness association for retailers (Fitness Industry Dealers Association, or FIDA) will play in developing and ensuring a bright future for the fitness industry. She speaks to FIDA founding board members, more


SNEWS TV Exclusive - Reinhold Messner sits down with Therese Iknoian

SNEWS TV reporter Therese Iknoian sits down for a chat with world renowned mountaineer Reinhold Messner at the SNEWS Media Center during Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2011. Messner reveals insights about his passions, inspirations, training -- and the importance of going more

Therese Iknoian Bio

Following obtaining her undergraduate degree in journalism, Therese Iknoian spent a decade as a newspaper reporter before launching a free-lance career specializing in sports and fitness writing and instruction and earning her master’s degree in exercise physiology. She has been more