Tiny Swedish apparel manufacturer Houdini joins list of ‘top’ European innovators

Tiny, mom-and-pop-owned, Swedish apparel brand Houdini found itself on a recent list naming the top 25 European-based “most creative” companies. How did it get there?
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Pick the item that does not fit in the list:

>> Semiconductors

>> Security cameras

>> Wind turbines

>> Fleece jackets

Yup, fleece jackets and other active outdoor apparel aren’t usually uttered in the same breath as technology and energy production. But tiny, mom-and-pop-owned, Swedish apparel brand Houdini found itself on a recent list naming the top 25 European-based “most creative” companies.

“We’re a dedicated and passionate team -- passionate about what we do and what we want to achieve. Passion is what fuels our creativity and it’s the reason why we succeed in our pursuits. Possibly our passion is visible from the outside,” Houdini executive and product developer Eva Karlsson told SNEWS®.

SNEWS first met Houdini nearly two years ago when it introduced itself for the first time at the ispo show in Germany, and we called it out immediately as a company to keep your eye on.


Recently, CNBC named it to its list of “most creative” companies in Europe, which it said would be the “driving force behind the region’s economic recovery”…not just because of product but because of their “disruptive force of ideas.” Click here to see that story and list

“To work and play hard, have fun, create the best products and cause the least amount of harm to the environment is what we’re all about at Houdini,” Karlsson added. Houdini puts a lot of emphasis on recycled and being recyclable, with more than 80 percent of its products today made from recycled fiber with most being as the company says recyclable or biodegradable -- and that is one of the reasons it made the list and was called a “derring-do company.”

And as it has come out of the Swedish and Scandinavian markets in the last three years, its growth has been stellar. Karlsson revealed that the company has had 40 percent growth each of the last three years with an export market increasing 60 percent.

Houdini, based in Nacka about five miles east of Stockholm, was the first European partner of Japanese company Teijin, with access to its Eco Circle polyester recycling system. It shared the top 25 list from 12 countries with the likes of Spotify, Nanoco Technologies, Briefcam and Nokia.

--Therese Iknoian


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