Thorlo Experia Multi-Sport Socks

Thorlo was once the go-to brand when it came to socks for all-things active, but the shine began to wear off in recent years. This year, Thorlo brought out its new Experia multi-sport socks and won us over once again.

For a very long time, Thorlo was the go-to brand when it came to socks for all-things active. But the shine began to wear off in recent years as other companies stepped forward with ergonomic designs, thinner but still cushy padding, great fit, new materials and other features.

This year, Thorlo brought out its new Experia multi-sport socks and won us over once again.

A number of testers on the SNEWS® team, men and women, put these socks to the test and were pleased with the sculpted, form-fitting but not-too-snug fit that didn’t pinch or pull in odd places. One notable aspect of these socks is that they are seamless. While many seamless socks from other companies lack cushioning, the Experia socks (in a mini-crew) are not only seamless but have soft, cushioning pads in the right places and even a snug, supportive wrap under the arch.

“I love the streamlined feel without bulk,” one tester told us, who has used them on walks and hikes.

One of our running testers said her hands often drift toward the spot where she keeps the Experia socks in an overflowing sock drawer, and she’s a bit bummed when they are already in the dirty laundry. She likes the micro-crew cut because it’s low enough to be out of the way but high enough that her ankles aren’t bared. This is a big plus, because the Achilles remains protected, and you never get the sensation that the sock is slipping into the top of your shoe.

Thorlo still has its full line of thickly cushioned signature socks, and the company specifically notes that the new Experia is most likely for younger, active people without any foot problems and who wear more narrow-lasted athletic footwear. Made with CoolMax, the sock is not warming, but is well suited for low-intensity or high-intensity activities in warm or even hot climates.

The colors are great too, but if you wear them trail running, mountain biking or hiking, they won’t stay bright lime or cheery orange very long. So that’s one ding – unless you just don’t care about brown-tinted ankles.

All in all, we like this introduction from Thorlo, and the company is clearly taking positive steps to once again be a go-to sock brand for active pursuits.

SNEWS® Rating:
4.5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection)

Suggested Retail: $13.99




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