The North Face's 'rain drop' opens the door for more creative marketing


A partnership between The North Face, Spotify, and band White Denim leads to a song you can only access when it rains where you are.

The North Face Apex Flex GTX Jacket

The North Face Apex Flex GTX Jacket is available in men's and women's styles. // Photo: Courtesy of The North Face

The North Face has teamed up with Spotify and the band White Denim to release the world’s first-ever weather-triggered song release, to promote its new Apex Flex GTX jacket.

The song only becomes available to people when it starts raining in their area. No rain, no luck; you’ll have to come back later. But The North Face does offer a curated, rain-friendly playlist available to everyone, regardless of whether they live in the desert or the wet Pacific Northwest.

Now that this technology is out of the bag, you can likely expect to see similar marketing campaigns from The North Face in the future, according to Tom Herbst, VP of marketing for the brand. This “rain drop” could pave the way for “a new horizon of possibilities for major product launches for The North Face,” he said in an email. “We’ve watched as consumers gravitate more and more towards personalized experiences with brands, so having these incredible technologies to cultivate those individualized and unique interactions our customers are looking for is exciting. We’ve just scratched the surface of all that we can do.”

The North Face hopes it can encourage consumers to stop avoiding the rain, to go play outside regardless of the element and “Seek No Shelter,” as this campaign is called.

“We hope that by creating a surprising, exclusive benefit to customers, triggered specifically by rain in their city or town, people will see that what may seem like a hindrance on the surface, can be something to celebrate,” Herbst says.

It's been a little while since it's rained here in Boulder, but we're hoping for a downpour soon so we can unlock the White Denim single, which seems impossibly catchy.



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