The North Face is petitioning to make Earth Day a national holiday

The brand will close its stores on Earth Day—next Monday—as part of the global petition. and push to unplug.
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Click. Like. Share. Login. Follow. Save. Comment. These are the things keeping us from playing, hiking, running, listening, bird watching, biking, and exploring.

The North Face along with 15 other organizations around the world are petitioning to make Earth Day an officially recognized holiday to emphasize the importance of unplugging and disconnecting digitally. 

So starting today, The North Face activated "Explore Mode" in major cities as an excuse to be out of office next Monday. The brand is closing 113 stores in the U.S. and Canada, along with its global headquarters in California to give employees an opportunity to disconnect and explore.

“The North Face is no stranger to exploration and this Earth Day we are proud to join our partners and fellow explorers in a global effort to make Earth Day a national holiday,” Global General Manager of Lifestyle Tim Bantle said. “We believe that when people take time to appreciate the Earth, they feel more connected to it and are more likely to protect it. Explore Mode urges us to unplug from our digital lives to connect in real life to the world, each other, and ourselves in the effort to move the world forward.”

Throughout this week, The North Face is partnering with musicians, artists, and chefs, to  host a series of experiences to get people to disconnect and explore.

Participants of The North Face exploration activities will get an exploration kit that includes analog gear to stay present and capture memories without the need for digital devices.