To the trees: Swurfer swingboard turns childhood fun into calorie burn


Bring out your inner child - and your inner monkey - with Swurfer's tree-surfing swingboard.


Surf trees with Swurfer's swingboard. Photo courtesy of Swurfer.

With Swurfer's new swingboard, trees aren’t just for monkeys anymore.

Charleston, South Carolina-based Swurfer brings swinging from a tree to a whole new level. It’s an air-surfing, balance-testing, childhood-evoking, full-body workout swing board (MSRP $130) made to hang from the nearest tree branch, and its pull at the Open Air Demo was irresistible. Swing side-to-side, forward and back like a normal swing or take it in wide circles as fast as you’re able to go. It’s hard not to laugh, even as you blast your core.

“It’s the reinvention of the tree swing,” said Jordan Sullivan, marketing director of Swurfer. This swing board originally started out as a balance board for toddlers who were dying to surf with their dad, founder Rob Bertschy, long before they were ready to tackle the ocean. He figured they could test out their skills on land first, but then decided to take to the air. Bertschy punched holes in the edges of his board and turned it into a swing you ride like a surfboard.

The Swurfer goes against everything your mom told you not to do on playground swings when you were a kid, but the grippy edges, sturdy handles and a 250-pound capacity mean you can unleash your inner ape. “It’s another way to hang out, outside,” Sullivan said. “No pun intended.”

This story first appeared on p. 12 of the Day 1 issue of Outdoor Retailer Daily.