Tats for free hats: Stormy Kromer to hold ultimate fan branding

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How much do you love Stormy Kromer?

The 113-year-old brand is giving free caps for life to its biggest fans, but there’s one big, permanent catch: You’ve got to get a matching hat tattooed on you first.

Stormy Kromer fans are so mad for plaid that they’re eating it right up. Nearly 500 people seem to think the special $60 deal is a bargain, and have expressed interest on Facebook in attending the tats for caps event in Marquette, Michigan on Friday.

Stormy Kromer tattoo

Want in on the tats for caps extravaganza? The image to the left is a tattoo rendition of the cap to the right. // Courtesy of Stormy Kromer

The idea of becoming a permanent brand ambassador in exchange for a few caps might sound pretty whacky, but it’s not new to Stormy’s most loyal. Dan Pebble, an artist at the Sacred Tattoo Studio where the tats for caps shindig will go down, is known for his Stormy Kromer tattoo designs. One of them features a buck dressed in the brand’s iconic red-check plaid.

Interested? All you have to do is roll up your sleeve at Sacred Tattoo Studio between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Friday, pick which color Stormy Kromer tattoo you'd like, and you’ll get a hat to match and a certificate for a new hat every five years for the rest of your life. No worries if you’re no fan of needles – you only have to get the tattoo once.